VB Tutorial: Paper Pack Task Cards

Hello helloooo everyone! I hope you are all doing well!

Today I am going to be showing you how I make little task cards out of using VillabeauTIFFul items that are included in our VBKits. I love having task cards to add to my planner as an added bonus but one that comes with functionality as well. The beauty about creating your own is you can really make it fit your needs and customize it to fit you and your lifestyle. 

This VB Blog features the April "Primrose Garden" VBKit. Find available kit extras HERE.

Items needed: 
VillabeauTIFFul kit sticker book 
Transparent VB card (this is used for sizing) 
VillabeauTIFFul paper pack (or printed digitals) 
VB washi

Tweezers (for sticker placement)
Craft/exacto knife (or a paper cutter if you have it)

Alright let’s get started, first things first you need to pick your craft paper that you are wanting to use to make your task card out of. For me I chose this beautiful floral design from the Primrose Garden VBKit paper pack to use as my first task card. (You can also print out a pattern of your choice from the VBKit digitals if you didn’t get the paper pack!) 

After you decide which paper you are going to use, you will trace out your task card. This is where the transparent VB card comes into play. Trace and cut out one (or several) cut outs so that way we can start creating! 
Note: I prefer to trace my cut outs on the opposite side I am wanting to use, it has helped me avoid having to deal with ugly trace lines I sometimes accidentally leave behind or anything of those sorts. 
Before I go any further I like to place my newly cut out task card in whatever section of my planner I am planning on using it in. In this case I am wanting mine to sit in my front pocket of my Notiq. After making sure it fits correctly and just “looks” right to me then I will proceed with adding on stickers. 
Now we are going to start placing our stickers from our VB sticker book. In this case I am using the Primrose Garden VBKit sticker book (I had to use a gold heart checklist from another book as I already used it from the Primrose Garden kit). Since my task card is pink I am wanting something to offset that color, I absolutely love the blue of these header stickers so I am going to use one of those to place in the top left hand corner of my task card. However before we place that I added a bit of layering to that corner to give it an extra pop, from my previous blog you saw how I like to rip washi in half and that is what I did here again. 
Next I added ripped washi to the bottom portion of the task card to try and balance it out some, plus this Primrose washi is to die for so I have been using it every chance I get! Lol. 
Since I am making this a reminder card I am adding a checklist of some sort. I decided to use gold VB hearts for this and then after that added small deco for extra layering and decoration on my card. 
After that you can create and customize your cards to truly fit your needs! I use these to be interchangeable and something that I can reuse and swap out from time to time. I love to use a pen such as the one that was included in the Primrose VBKit - a uni pin oil based pen or something permanent that cannot be smeared/smudged since you most likely will be pulling it in and out of pockets and what not. 
Feel free to take it a step further and laminate your cards if you want to. Here is another look of what they look like in a card holder that I have for my mini happy planner. The beauty about crafting and creating is the options can be limitless! That is all I have for you today! I hope you all stay safe in all that you do and I can’t wait to talk to you soon! 
If you have any questions about this VB Blog, please reach out via the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook Group or Laura's Instagram!


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