VB Tutorial: Personalized Sticker Album

Hi VB Community! If you’re anything like me, you have a plethora of stickers. I’ve found that in order to not have them lying all around in different places that a sticker album is needed. Nothing is better than a personalized sticker album. I will be using digitals from the January With Love VBKit for this project.

Prerequisite skills:
- How to upload and edit VB Digitals to photo editing software and Cricut
- How to print and cut on a cutting machine

With Love VBKit Digitals (Clipart & pattern)
Sticker Paper or Full Size Label Sheets
Paper Cutter or Cutting Machine (I’m using Cricut)
Transparent Sticker Album or Book (I'm using one from Pretty Planner Co.)

Step 1 
Open up Cricut Design Space, start a new project, upload your VB With Love patterns and clipart.  

Make sure to upload them as a Print and Cut file.

Upload the pattern into your canvas.

Step 2
Resize your pattern to the measurements of 4.98” width and 6.25” height. These measurements are for sticker albums with sleeves sized for 4x6 sheets. Duplicate your pattern. These will be your front and back covers. 

Step 3
Duplicate the pattern once more but this time make the measurements 1.0” width, keeping the same height measurement. This will be the spine cover.

Step 4
Insert a square shape. Change the measurements to 4.583” width and 5.806” height. Place in the middle of the first pattern cover. Adjust the color of the square to be a lighter shade. Group the pattern and the blank square together.
Step 5
It’s time to add some clipart and wording! Upload your favorite clipart from the With Love VBKit. You can make the graphic as small or large as you want.  

Just remember to keep it within the inner square.  

Let’s also add the word "Stickers" in your favorite font to the inner square. Then duplicate your Stickers text and turn it 90 degrees. Place it on the spine and make sure that it is centered.

You can add any wording or clipart that you may want to the back cover, or leave it blank.
Step 6
It’s print and cut time!!
Step 7
Time to assemble!!
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy making your own personalized sticker albums! 
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