VB Tutorial: Plant Mama Reminder Card
Hello VB community! 

Here we are in August which for a lot of people tends to be a busy month with last minute summer plans and preparing for the school year. In the VB community we have Tiffany curating the Aesthetic Luxe VBKit which is so exciting and amazing that she will be celebrating 6 years of the VB studio plus the second Zodiac bundle release!!!

Today I am going to show you how I am preparing for this big month with repurposing and creating a date reminder card. Once I receive the VB Newsletter email (make sure to sign up for them if you haven’t! It is a great way to stay on top of news regarding the VB shop and drops) I will be writing down the important dates that I do not want to forget on this card to keep in the front of my mini happy planner. The cool thing about this craft is you can change it to fit your needs such as using it as an appointment reminder or even a bookmark! The possibilities are endless so let's get started…

Items needed:
VB cardboard backing (this will be our card) 
VB Plant Mama transparent flags
VB Plant Mama vellum (decoration) 
VB Plant Mama 7.5mm washi

Tools needed:
Craft tape
Scissors or an exacto knife (to cut and trim)
I will be using the washi to cover the black thin header line that is on the Villabeautifful product packaging as it is something that I want to mask and hide, so washi to the rescue! 
From here I use a ruler to trim it where I want it, I do not want to wrap the washi around the backside of the card because visually that is something I am wanting to avoid. 
Once I trim the two edges I am left with the washi replacing the black wording header that was there originally which was my goal. 
Now that we have that completed I am wanting to add some decoration to the bottom of the card using the Plant Mama kit vellum. I rip a small piece off and figure out where I am wanting to place it. Once that is done I then use my craft tape to place a strip of tape down so I can easily place my vellum on top and adhere it to the card backing.
Once I have it placed and taped where I want it I will then trim the excess vellum paper off the card. 
Then once I have that completed I begin placing the Plant Mama transparent flags on the card backing. I want to make sure to use every page flag just in case I have that many important dates to write down. 
Here it is with all of the page flags displayed down the center of the card backing. 
As I saw it as such I decided to use some of the petite deco from the Plant Mama sticker book kit to add some simple yet pretty extra little details to my VB date reminder card. 
This is something that I personally want to be able to reuse so with that being said I want to laminate it that way it’s a little more durable and can last a bit longer. 
Last minute I chose to create a craft paper folder to hold this date card reminder in the front of my planner. Here is a blog that goes over the steps I take to create the craft paper divider, and with this kit I will be placing an adhesive pocket on it to further its functionality. 

VB Tutorial: Be Well Dividers

*Example but I used the other side of the craft paper to be displayed towards the front for my final product. 
Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this, I hope that somehow someway it inspires you to repurpose and reuse products to create something functional yet beautiful! I hope that you stay safe and enjoy the rest of your summer.
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