VB Tutorial: Pocket Planner Cards
Hola VB Amigos,

Today I will be sharing a fun project using your stickers from the VillabeauTIFFul Be Well VBKit. 

There are several ways to use your planner pockets, some use them for deco items and others for functionality. Today I will be creating a custom card that can help you with your needs, beautiffully. If you have been wondering how to use some of your stickers here is a great way to use the ones that can still be found in your sticker books. 

Items you will need to make these cute planner cards:

VB Be Well Sticker Book
VB Be Well Paper 
Paper Trimmer
Corner Punch
Laminating sheets 3mm
Grid Mat

To start off, decide which pockets you will be adding these cards to. The horizontal pockets work best for this project. Pick out which stickers you want to work with, you will find these in the VB sticker book.
Next you want to add a design to the back of the stickers. Choose which paper from the VBKit Paper Pack you like best and cut it down to size. So now you will have a design on both sides of your cards. 
Now you don’t want to waste a full laminating sheet, so size it down and cut it, use the minimal amount. Using the planner card will give you an idea of how much to cut.
Next we will be working on tabs for your cards. Once you pick the ones you want to use, cut them down to size as shown below and use a corner punch to round the top corners. 
I always use a grid mat to make sure things line up well. I lined up the laminating sheet and added washi tape to keep it from moving. This is when you want to add your planner card and the top tabs. Once you have it placed where you would like them it's time to run them through your laminator
After the laminating process is through, cut them down to size again leaving at least ¼ of an inch all around the design and you are just about done. 
You now have cute pocket size planner cards! You can use them as deco or functional it is completely up to you, the possibilities are always endless when it comes to your creativity. 
Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope I have inspired you today to try out my little project. Take care and happy planning!
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  • Pamela: June 25, 2021

    Brilliant!! Love these!!

  • Brenna Heffner: June 22, 2021

    Aida, I love this idea!!! TYSM!

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