VB Tutorial: Primrose Washi Bookmark
Hello everyone! 

I am loving seeing everyone’s posts about the Primrose Garden VBKit! It’s such a beautiful kit from start to finish. One of my favorite items in the VBKits is the washi sets that are always included. Tiff really creates such gorgeous washi with the best details and thought out creative designs… the foil work is something that I always admire but as we all know is sometimes hard to capture on pictures ugh lol. 

Today I am going to show you how I love to use the journal card that is included in all of the kits. It's great to look through the itemized kits items and the reverse side is always beautifully done! This kit’s card in particular is one I want to see daily, I just love it and will be using it in my A5 journal as a book mark of some sort. I add a little extra functionality by adding the circle page flags as a place I like to notate page numbers in the books that I am reading or want to journal about. Gorgeous and functional, a win win in my book :) 

Items needed: 
VB Primrose Garden washi set 
VB Primrose Garden journal card 
Tab (I used one of the vellum die cut stickers), you can choose something you prefer

Craft knife or exacto knife 
Scratch paper 
Crafters Tape permanent (I use Ad Tech)
Alright so let's make a washi bookmark! I gather the items I need which are listed above. We will not be doing anything to the front side of the journal card. I want to leave it as is because it’s perfect, but you can always add more deco or other items to the front if you wish. 
The first step is on the back side where the kit items are listed, we are going to cover it up with the piece of scratch paper we have. The reason for this, you will see as pictured the washi is transparent so we would see all the writing if we just laid the washi directly onto the back of the journal card. I prefer not to have that and would rather have a blank white background to lay the washi onto. 
I line the journal card with my crafters tape so that way I can lay my scratch paper directly onto it and press down firmly. Once that is done you will cut the journal card out. 
After we cut off the excess scratch paper we won’t be using, we will then be using our Primrose washi set. As you can see the transparent washi will go much better on a blank surface. 
We can now start laying down our washi, you can truly choose whatever style or design you prefer, I am going with a simple and clean lined look as I am adding more to the front of it. I decided to use the 15 mm floral washi as my base on the bottom of the page and will use the 7.5mm peach floral to layer on top of it. 
TIP: One way I have found to easily lay washi for this is pressing down a piece of washi onto the surface I am using, once you press it down it’ll be the grounding point for our strip we are going to lay across the paper. Make sure you give yourself enough washi that it will go all the way across the paper. The reason I have found this useful is you can then freely place the paper underneath the washi that is pressed onto the surface, this allows me to get straight lines as it is easier to position the piece of paper. 
Now I just repeat these steps just layering one on top of the other, again you can totally switch your design up. If you create one tag me on instagram - I would love to see your creation and be able to share yours to my instastories! (@lala_planslife) 
There are times when making these a little bit of paper will be left over near the edge. I still cover this with washi and I will show you how I do it. 
I lay the 7.5mm peach floral washi and press the edges firmly as you see below, this makes it easier to cut. 
Now that you have done that, lift the card from the bottom up, allowing the pressed washi to easily come up off the surface. This is all the extra we will be cutting off but it will cover the top of the card not leaving just a small white space up top. 
Once I finish trimming it all up I grab a vellum die cut sticker that I am wanting to place at the top of my bookmark to stick out the top of my A5 stalogy journal for me to easily see where I am at. I am going with this cute mail sticker, I am not taking the backing off of it as I want it to be a bit thicker and taking the backing off would not give me this. I am going to use my crafter's glue to adhere it to the washi. The top of the sticker that I am wanting to stick out as my “tab” I am NOT going to put glue on as I do not want this portion of the sticker sticky.
Here is what it looks like sticking out of my journal :) 
I am not finished just yet, I am going to add the circle Primrose page flags to the washi portion of my bookmark. I love to notate pages that I want to reference back to for certain quotes or whatever the case may be. 
And now I can begin adding notes to the circles! 
Thanks for reading! I hope you have enjoyed turning the kit card into a useful bookmark! Please stay safe and talk to you soon! :) 
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