VB Tutorial: Repurposing a VBPlanner into a Journal
Hello VB community!

I hope that you are all doing well and enjoying your summer days. It is very hard to believe that we are already in August and more than halfway done with 2022. It is honestly mind blowing and as the months pass by I know many of us are thinking of 2023 plans. With that being said, that means the sales or clearance lover in me knows that certain items will start being priced down which equals saving money. This is a really great way to try a product out you have been wanting to try or purchasing things to repurpose them which just so happens to be something that I love to do!

Today I will show you one way you can repurpose a 2022 VBPlanner into a journal, focusing on the weekly pages

Items needed:
VB journal supplies
VB Duchess washi set
VB Duchess sticker book

Tools needed:
White out

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I decided to use VB journal supplies, VB duchess washi, and the VB duchess sticker book to create this repurposed spread. The great thing about this repurpose is you truly can use a variety of different items to create a spread and change it up from week to week.
The first thing I did was cover the calendar in the left hand corner. If you are purchasing weekly inserts to repurpose months down the road and the current month has already passed this is going to be your first priority in repurposing the inserts.

I used an August weekly insert but still wanted to show one way on how to easily cover and redecorate the page so it can be used anytime, even if that month/week has already passed. 
The VB sticker books have great full boxes that can be used to cover up the month. You can choose to use one with deco on it or a box like I did here. It will overlap to the full blank box below but that is perfectly okay! 
Next I took my 15mm duchess washi and laid it directly down the page using the outer box lines as my guide. Once I got that placed I used a ruler as my straight edge to cut off the excess washi.

After I got one strip done I used the same washi, lining it up again on the inner box line - this will cause the washi to overlap in the middle. 
Next I focused on repurposing the days of the week. I used white out to go over the print and laid 10mm washi over to cover the days and give it a cute top border.

I also do this to the box located at the bottom of the page. I used white out to go over the print again and washi to create another border.
Once I got the areas covered up that I wanted to with cute washi, I then began adding additional deco to finish out the journal page.
This is really where you can just have fun and do what you feel is right. I am going to be doing small journal prompts each day of the week so I do not need an entire page for each journal day. 
I hope this quick repurpose of a VBPlanner weekly insert sparked the creativity in you! I will be continuing to show examples of me repurposing a VB weekly insert so make sure to follow me and the main VB instagram pages to see future repurposes!

Have a wonderful rest of your summer!!
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