VB Tutorial: Reusable Skin Care Routine Insert
Hello Villa Folx! For my blog contribution this month I wanted to focus on getting a little help with remembering my morning and night skin care routine. I often try new things to see what helps my skin the best. So I have needed some way to remember it all AND I wanted it to be able to change as I try different things. 
Supplies needed from the Free Spirit VBKit: 

Sticker book
Washi tape
Sheet of patterned paper
Transparent page flags
Kit card (the card that lists the contents of the kit on it)
Supplies needed for this DIY:

Paper Trimmer
Tape Runner
Permanent marker (I like the Sakura Microperm)
Planner page protector (I am using a HP protector)
Wet Erase Marker (I like the Expo Vis a Vis)

NOTE: If you do not have a planner page protector, you can laminate the project before writing on it with the wet erase marker.

Step 1
Trim the paper down to the size you need. For me I need the paper to be 4.75 inches wide. 
Step 2
Place down the transparent page flags. Make one column for your morning routine and one column for your night routine. 

I have 5 steps in my skin care routine:
1) Cleanse
2) Tone
3) Eyes
4) Treatment
5) Moisturize.

I will be placing down 5 sticky notes for each column. 
You can eyeball the placement or you can use a ruler for precision. 
Step 3
For some added decorations, place washi tape along the top of the page. You could also add other embellishments and stickers from the VBKit.
Step 4
Pick out 2 quarter box stickers to place above each column. I really liked the scalloped quarter boxes.
Step 5
Label each column and the page flags using the Sakura Microperm. I labeled the first column Morning, the second column Night, and then labeled the page flags 1 to 5.
Step 6
Decorate the back side of the page with the VBKit postcard and washi tape. I centered the postcard in the middle of the page and used the thicker washi tape on the top and bottom to secure it. 

Instead of adding decoration, you could add additional routines you follow, product expiration dates, or beauty trackers. 
Step 7
Insert the page into the planner page protector. 

Instead of using a planner page protector, you could laminate the page. A laminate page will also work with the wet erase marker. Just remember that you’ll have to punch the page to be inserted into your planner.
Step 8
Using the wet erase marker, write down your skin care routine and you're done!

As your routine or products change, use a wet paper towel to remove the marker, dry off the area, and write down the adjustment.
If skin care isn't your thing, you could make some adjustments to this DIY so that it fits your needs. Maybe a cleaning routine, meal prep, social media routine, etc.
Thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this blog post! I had a lot of fun making this and I know it's going to be helpful in keeping my routine and products organized.
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  • T.R.: May 03, 2021

    This is a great idea! And so cute. I’m definitely going to try this.

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