VB Tutorial: Stars Sticker Folder
Hello amazing VB community! I hope everyone’s summer is going well and that you are staying cool and safe. Here in Oregon we have been getting record heat, so that means me staying in the house with the AC on full blast which gives me the perfect excuse to sit and craft & plan :) 

The June Written In the Stars VBKit….blew my mind! Tiffany truly is such a mastermind at all that she does. One thing I love the most about her kits is the ability to use the items included to fit your life and your planner/journal style. Today I am going to show you a cute little way I wanted to use the BEAUTIFUL little folder that the zodiac girls came in. I am going to create this to fit my mini happy planner but you could easily switch this up. If you do tag me on instagram, I would love to see it and share it! Alright let's get started..  

Items needed: 
VB Written in the Stars paper pack 
VB envelope / zodiac card holder 
VB Written in the Stars transparent stickers (this is what I want to hold in it for ease purposes!)

Tools needed:
Craft Tape (I use Tombow, I purchased it at Joann’s with a coupon but Amazon sells it as well)
Paper Cutter - I use a Fiskars that I purchased on Amazon
Hole punch - since I am making mine for my mini happy planner I will be using a happy planner hole punch. You can create this folder to fit your planner so therefore if you have a different set up i.e rings etc then you will use what is necessary to be able to hole punch your folder to fit into your planner.
First things first I need to cut and trim the craft paper from the paper pack I am choosing to use to fit into my happy planner. One way I easily do this is I take the cover and use it as a guide to make the back of my sticker holder. This is where I use my paper cutter but scissors could work just fine as well. 
Now that I have my paper cut to the size I am needing, I hole punch it to fit into my discbound planner. 
Once I trim and hole punch the craft paper, I place it in my planner before going any further.
I love how it looks! So from here I am going to use my craft tape to glue the stars envelope to the craft paper I just cut. 
It’s sooo gorgeous so part of me didn’t want to glue it but I believe the outcome of my sticker holder will be just as pretty and functional as well which I love and prefer. I place a glue strip down on each of the four sides, that way it adheres correctly to the craft paper and will not budge (another reason why I needed to be sure, no going back after this! LOL). 
As you can see the glue is hardly noticeable and that is a plus when needing to glue things in your planners. No one wants to see ugly unnecessary lines! Now that I have glued what I wanted, I will place it on my craft paper. 
Simple - Just how I love it sometimes! I do not want this to be a bulky item in my planner since it already has a little bit of thickness to it. I am just going to place my transparent stickers in there from this VBKit to have handy when I need to use them this month and not have to go digging elsewhere to access them. 
One more little helpful tip as it’s another item I am wanting to place in this holder for an easy grab, the cardstocks that are the backing to kit items are perfect for laminating and using as a washi card! Laminating it gives it a little more durability which I find helpful. 
And then it fits into the little pouch like this - ahh I love it! 

I hope you all are loving this VBKit if it is one that you pre-ordered. If you by chance missed out please make sure to sign up for the VB Newsletters to stay up to date on release dates on extras and other important shop news. Please stay safe and I can’t wait to see what you all create this month!!!
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  • Erykah Lynn: July 14, 2021

    I love this! I also use the item backing cards to stick in my front pockets to help my planner match with the theme. Great job!

  • Cheyvonne: July 04, 2021

    Wow….very creative and so simple to do….thank you for sharing….

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