VB Tutorial: Sticker Book Tabs
Hi there everyone!!!

I wanted to bring you a super easy and quick way to utilize some of the stickers included in the sticker book along with the transparent page flags for top tabs in either your planner or journal. 

Tools needed: 
VB tool kit items like tweezers and scissors 

Items needed: 
VB Aesthetic transparent page flags 
VB Aesthetic sticker book

So let's get to it, this doesn’t take long! 
This is the page within the Aesthetic sticker book that I will be using to make my tabs.
First choose the tab you are wanting to use. I am picking this “goals” sticker for my top tab to easily spot this area in my planner.
I am using the VB tool kit tweezers to place this on the transparent page flag. I prefer to place the sticker while the page flag is still on the backing, it makes it easy to align the sticker with the page flag!
Once I have the sticker placed I will then use my tweezers to lift the page flag from the backing.
As you will see and probably figured out there will be an excess amount of sticker that hangs off of the page flag. We will use our scissors to trim off that excess.
It is easy to trim this off by turning the page flag around so you are viewing the back. From here you can clearly see the excess sticker that needs to be trimmed off.
In the photo below you can see one side has been trimmed and we'll repeat on the other side as well. 
Now that we have it all trimmed up we can place it. I am wanting some top tabs, so I put it on the top of my page with the tabbed portion sticking above the sheet. I love how it looks! 
After placing my insert back into my planner I decided to move the top tab over because my other “important” tab was in the same area.
I absolutely love how this super easy and quick craft turned out! The awesome part about this is that you can change it up and use it for side tabs (which I also decided to do, I couldn’t help myself! LOL). 
Have a wonderful rest of your day! I hope you continue to enjoy and love planning and crafting with your Aesthetic luxe VBKit! 
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  • Diana: September 26, 2021

    Awesome idea!! I will definitely be using this idea on my planners!

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