VB Tutorial: Sunglasses Page Marker
Hi VillaBabes!

Today I’ll be showing you how to make a page marker with a few of the digitals in the VB "Good Times" kit. I’ll be using Silhouette Studio for this project. The cool thing about the software is that you don’t need a cutting machine to use it and it’s free to download.

First thing you want to make sure you do, is download all the images from the VBKit somewhere onto your computer. Then drag the sunglasses clipart into your silhouette page. They will be huge when you first move them over, don’t worry, we’ll be resizing them.
For the purpose of this project, I made them to fit my personal size rings planner so I sized my images to 3.5 inches in width. I made sure to lock the dimensions so the length changes with the width. After I resize all my clipart, I move them off the the grid so I can bring in my background paper.
Before we move to forward, we need to change the design area setup. Since we’ll be printing on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, we want our work space on silhouette studio to be that same size. Using the drop down menu options, we’ll be using letter (8.5x11).
Ok, back to our design! This is optional, but I wanted a background on my sunglasses because the sunglass lens are see thru, so anything you put behind it, you’ll be able to see the print…cool, right? I chose to use this black and white print, but you can use whichever print you like best or no print at all.

You do the same as you did with the sunglasses, drag your digital paper onto the silhouette page. Again, it transfers over huge, it almost scares you and makes you think you messed up! But you didn’t, you’ll just have to resize it to 8.5x11 since that’s the size you’ll be printing.
After resizing the paper, you’ll want to center the paper between the red box, as this is your print area. Keep the paper selected and “send to back”- this will allow the paper to be behind the sunglasses clipart.
Next, I moved my clipart around, and played with different combinations of how I would want the sunglasses stacked. Once I was happy with how I wanted my bookmark, the next step was to align the images so they’re nice and centered. Then, group them into one single image.
This is another optional step… I wanted my bookmark to be double sided, so to do that all I had to do was mirror my image so that later I can put them back to back.
Now it’s time to bring your paper back in and remember to center it between the red box. Don’t forget to space your sunglasses with about 1-2 inches in between. You’ll see why a few pictures down.

And now it’s time to print! Yay!
After you’ve printed out your page, you want to fussy cut the outside edges of the sunglasses.
After you’ve done all that FUN fussy cutting, fold your paper in half, and at this point you’re pretty much done…depending on the type of planner you’ll be using. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I used mine for my personal rings planner, so my last two steps were to glue the backs together and hole punch it to fit my planner.

Another way you can use it is in a travelers notebook, but instead of gluing it back to back all you have to do is put it on one of the elastics in your TN so it hugs one of your inserts.
And there you have it! A fun and customized page marker/decoration for your planner.

Thank you for reading! I hope you give this a try and share it in the villabeauTIFFul facebook group. Find the social media links below!
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