VB Tutorial: Tiny TN
Hi VillaBabes! 

I'll be upfront about today's blog... there is almost nothing functional about this project LOL! But hey, sometimes you just want to make something cute for cuteness sake, right?! Also gonna have to ask you to forgive the quality of these photos as it has been a stormy week here and the sun refused to cooperate with my lighting needs.

With that being said, today I'm sharing how I made a Tiny TN using the "Good Times" VBKit.

Supplies Used:
  • VB Paper Pack
  • VB Stickers
  • VB Washi
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive (tape runner)
  • Elastic
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Ruler
  • VBPen
  • Hole Punch (not pictured)
Step 1: Choose a piece of the VB Paper cardstock. Measure & cut two vertical strips that are each 2" wide. 
Step 2: Accordion fold both strips so that each side of the fold measures 1.5" wide. There will be a bit of overhang after the last fold.
Step 3: Trim the overhang so each fold is even. You can discard the trimmed pieces. 
Step 4: Use adhesive to connect the ends of both strips to make one long strip. I used different sides of the papers here to show the difference, but you can use whatever pattern combos you like!
Step 5: Using the leftover paper (or any pattern you like) measure & cut a piece that's roughly 3.75" x 2.5" and then fold it in half. This will be the Tiny TN cover!
Step 6: Use a hole punch to put a hole in the center of the cover's spine/fold. As you can probably see, eye-balling it does not always give the best results LOL! Measuring & marking the center would probably be a much better idea!
Step 7: Using your adhesive, attach the first & last fold of the long strip to the front inside & back inside of the cover paper. 
Step 8: Cut a piece of elastic that's roughly 5" long. Tie the ends into a knot, leaving a loop, and trim the excess elastic from the ends. 

Step 9: Push the loop through the inside spine hole, so that the knot remains inside the TN. This will be the elastic closure for the TN.

(Hindsight while typing this made me realize I probably could made this a bit easier by doing this prior to attaching the paper strips to the cover...)
Now it's time for the fun part - Let's decorate!!
I used the VB puffy stickers, washi tape, and a checklist sticker to decorate the front cover. For the inside, I used a little of everything!

The best part about the pages being 1.5" wide is that you can fit the full boxes on them. The mini weeks page of the VB sticker book has all kinds of great stickers that will fit & you can get creative with the other pages, like turning a half box vertically to change things up! 
I mixed in deco with some open boxes so that I can add notes or lists (so semi-functional, maybe???)

I wish I had a photo printer so I could have added in some tiny photos, but I may still do a tip in or clip situation for that, hmm....
There are lots of ways to customize or modify this project, so I'd love to see how yours turns out if you make one!

For mine, I'll probably fill this with notes & jokes & put it in a toy mailbox for my kiddo. Everyone loves a little happy mail, amiright?

I hope yall are staying safe & healthy & finding time for self care & creative outlets. Have a great week & thanks for reading!
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