VB Tutorial: Vellum Pocket

Hello Villababes!

Happy Magical October! Today I’m sharing how to make an easy pocket page out of vellum.



VB Kit vellum


Exacto knife


Lamination pouch

Vinyl decals

VB Kit die cuts

VB Kit adhesive pockets

Step 1: Trim paper to size, (careful to leave fold in tact). I use a PW Rings planner, so I trim to 4 ¾ x 6 ¾ (the size of my inserts).

Step 2: Make a diagonal cut for the pocket, from the top corner at the fold to ¾’s of the way down on the opposite page.

Step 3: Place folded vellum pocket inside the lamination pouch.

Step 4: Laminate project. I run it through at least twice.

Step 5: Trim excess lamination. Be careful to cut on the outside edge of the lamination air pocket to ensure the pocket remains closed. If for some reason it opens, I have used washi to create a design on the pocket to close any gap areas.

Step 6: Cut the pocket open. Use an exacto knife and a ruler to carefully cut on the diagonal line to open the pocket. Be careful not to use too much pressure as you only want to cut through the first layer of lamination. There will be a small air pocket that you can use to help you.

Step 7: Decorate your pocket page. I like to use die cuts and vinyls. On this page, I used one of the adhesive pockets from the kit and a vinyl with my name. I also tucked some of my kit stickers in the pocket.

I hope you enjoy this project and have a magical October!



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