VB Tutorial: Weekly Planner Pad
Hello Luvs,

It's your girl CheKesha Simms with a fun DIY Tutorial.
This month I decided to make a weekly planner pad using the notepad that came in the "Autumn Lane" October VB Kit.

Here is what you will need to do it yourself:
  • Paper
  • VB notepad
  • Disc-bound hole punch
  • 7 mini discs
  • Laminator
  • 1-Laminate pouch
  • Paper cutter or scissors
Now that we have our essentials, let's get started.

First, choose whether you will use the kit paper or the digital papers that come with the Basic VB Kit + Paper Pack Add On to create your covers.

Once you have your paper picked out, you want to cut two pieces that will fit over the note pad. These will be your front and back covers.

After you cut the papers to size, you want to laminate them.

Trim the excess laminate & then punch holes on the edges to create your covers. 
Next, separate the VB kit notepad by pulling the sheets apart. Then, punch 7 holes into the edge of the pages.

Now it's time to assemble everything together. Put the covers on the discs first, then insert the separated note pad sheets.
Now you have created your own Weekly Planner Pad. You can add pockets to the inside of the covers and insert some journaling cards, die cuts, or washi cards - it's up to you!
I hope you enjoyed this project and please let me know how you use your notepad that came in the October VB Kit.

Thanks for reading!
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