VB Tutorial: Zodiac Birthday Dashboard
Hi VB Community! 

Today I’m going to show you how to make a Birthday Dashboard featuring the Zodiac Foiled Cards from the June Written in the Stars VBKit. I usually write down birthdays in my monthly planner layout but I thought it would be really cool to display my family and friends’ birthdays to go with the Zodiac Cards. I’ll show you how to do this for a traveler’s notebook, but you can use any clear pouch or folder (see picture below for other ideas) as long as it’s large enough to fit the Zodiac Cards which are 3x4 inches.  

Zodiac Foiled Cards
A clear traveler’s notebook folder
A piece of cardstock
Your favorite VB sticky note
Letter stickers
First, cut your cardstock down to fit under the Zodiac Card in your clear pocket.  I trimmed mine to 3.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide. Then you can decorate the top of it with letter stickers like I did here by putting “Birthdays” if you’d like.  
Next, add the birthdays that fall into the current Zodiac symbol onto a sticky note and stick that to your cardstock. In this case, I added all the birthdays between June 21 - July 22 for the Cancer Zodiac symbol.   
Next, put the Zodiac card and the cardstock with birthdays into your clear folder and that’s it! I secured my Zodiac card to my folder with a cute paperclip.  I also love how the Zodiac cards have three personality characteristics for each type at the bottom of the card. I like to think about how my family and friends have these characteristics. 
I put mine in the very front of my traveler’s notebook, and it makes a beautiful dashboard when I open my cover!
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