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I hope that you are all doing well and that wherever you are the sun is shining. I know here in the Pacific Northwest it has been raining and we are just finally starting to get some beautiful weather. With some of the downtime I have had due to it being a downpour I decided to work on some crafts using the bits & pieces pack from the Sakura Picnic kit. One craft in particular being a super easy and fun little bookmark to use in my VBWeeks planner. 

For this cute little homemade bookmark/page marker I am using a pattern included in the preorder of Sakura Picnic that comes with the digital pack. Please note that digital files ONLY* come included when pre-ordering/reserving a kit and aren't available separately after reservations have ended. I have been trying to get back into the habit of using the digitals as they are such a great benefit of preordering and I thought this was a cute but simple way to use one of the patterns that was included in the Sakura Picnic kit digital set.

*Click here for more info regarding VB Digitals.

Sakura Picnic Bits + Pieces Pack
Sakura Picnic Sticker book
Efflorescence Deco Quotes
Pattern from digital Sakura Picnic Kit printed for personal use
Sakura Picnic Washi Tapes

Floral Acrylic Ruler
Single hole puncher (purchased from the dollar tree locally) 
Double sided tape 
Paper cutter 

Using my ruler I measure out and outline the size of my bookmark I am wanting on a piece of scrap cardstock that I have. For this week's system I am wanting some relatively slim and the size of a “regular” bookmark.You could also just use regular paper or any other paper you have especially if you are able to laminate the completed product to give it some more durability. I decided that a 6” long and 2” wide size would be sufficient for what I am wanting to achieve. I begin by making two marks where those particular measurements are at and then go back again with a lighter color pen to complete the outline. I know that this side of the bookmark doesn’t need to be perfect as I am going to be covering it with a printed pattern for the background of my bookmark. Once you measure out your bookmark you will then cut out the outline either using just traditional scissors or speeding the process up a bit using a paper cutter. 
After I have my bookmark cut out I take my double sided tape and line it, I make sure to line it the entire length of the bookmark along with the width as I will be taping the pattern I printed out on top of it and do not want it lifting in areas. 
Next I take the pattern I printed out and place it on top of the cardstock that I lined with double sided tape, having the color pattern facing outward as that's the background I am wanting for this bookmark. 
Once you have the pattern laid out on top of the bookmark you will cut the excess pattern print out off to leave you with just the bookmark itself. 
You can do this next step right now or wait until you have laid all your stickers and laminated your bookmark to just do one hole punch but I prefer to do it before laying stickers down and laminating so I can have an idea of where the hole will be and can decorate accordingly. 
Next I begin laying out my stickers and arranging them to how I think it looks cute, remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to creating and decorating so just have fun with it but this is just my take on a cute little bookmark. 

Tip: on corners I love to place the flowers directly onto the corner and cut off the excess, it cuts down on the white space or blank space left and is just something that I think ends up being beautiful. 
Now that I have my corners decorated I use my VB Sakura Picnic sticker book to further decorate the bookmark with adorable little deco. 
After placing my main deco for the bookmark I take quotes from the Efflorescence | 08 Deco Quotes Sticker Sheet – villabeauTIFFul sticker sheet as I feel like the foil color and overall theme pairs well with the bookmark. 
From there I just continue to add several more deco pieces like the picnic in the center of the bookmark and tiny flowers from the Sakura picnic kit stickerbook. This is where you can let your mind go and do what feels right to you, after all that is what creativity is all about. 
To finish off my little bookmark I take the 15mm Sakura Picnic kit washi and fold it in half. Once I have it folded in half I feed it through the hole at the top of the bookmark and pull it to where the ends are even. I then took some super glue (I used any I had on hand which was some nail super glue and it worked just fine, no judging we make do over this way! Lol) and at the point where both sides of the washi meet near the bookmark I placed a very small amount just to be able to hold the two ends together. After I did that I trimmed it down to the length I was wanting and cut some slits into the end just to give it a little different look. You could also use ribbon or string for this step or skip it altogether, whatever you prefer and whichever look you are striving for. 
I hope this helped inspire you in more ways you can use some of your digitals included in pre orders and the bits + pieces pack included in the Sakura Picnic. If you happen to make your own DIY bookmark be sure to tag me in the facebook Villabeautifful Community group and/or on instagram @lala_planslife, I would love to see what you make! 
If you have any questions about this VB Blog, please reach out via the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook Group or Laura's Instagram!


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