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Hello VB Fam!

I’m beyond excited for all the things in this blog! First, if you had a chance to pick up the VB Mystery Box in the April Imperfect sale, you may have received one of the VB Sticker Planners. I had been eyeing another one for the longest. I have a few of them that I keep on my desk, but they are all filled. I had been toying with the idea of using one for on-the-go planning, but I didn’t want to empty one of those out. The surprise was right on time! 

I don’t always carry my VB Tote around with me, especially on the weekends. I wanted to be able to have some of my planning tools readily available while out and about on Saturdays and Sundays. The Sticker Planner is compact, but it certainly holds a lot! I can have my most-used items with me and just throw it in my purse. 

Here’s a look at what I put inside my new Sticker Planner. If you didn’t get one during the Imperfect Sale, don’t worry, it’s still available in three colors.

Gray Imperfect Sticker Planner
Pink Imperfect Sticker Planner
Nude Imperfect Sticker Planner

The first items that I added to the full sleeve inserts (included with product) were the small sticker sheets from the Meadow VBKit. This is the VBKit that I used this week in my VBWeeks planner, so if I need to add a sticker here or there, they are easily within reach. There are tons of page sleeves and dividers, so I also included the small sticker sheets from last month’s Wild Styled VBKit.

To add a little decor, I wanted to add some journaling cards. I couldn’t find any that were the perfect size, so I grabbed some duplicate “Thank You” cards that Tiffany sends out with orders. Like some of you, I have a ton of them, and just because they’re duplicates doesn’t mean I can’t find a use for them.

I measured one of the small sticker sheets using the Meadow VBKit acrylic ruler (isn’t it adorable!) and found that it measured 3.5 in x 4.5 in. Next, I made two small marks on the card as a cutting guide. Once I cut both cards down, they were a perfect fit for the sleeves. I used them as dashboards before the two sections I created for the small sticker sheets.
Now it was time to add some accessories. I wanted to make sure to include some washi tape. I used two old plastic calendar cards and made washi tape holders. I often use washi tape to block off days or to add an extra reminder for an important task.

For this, I used one of the half sleeve inserts that is sold in a pack of ten on the site. These are not included with the Sticker Planner, but you can find them here: Clear Plastic Half Sleeve.
Along with the washi tape, I also added a few paper clips to the same insert. I’ll explain a little later why I needed these.
Next, I added two of my next most-used items: sticky notes and a notepad. I find that these are great for whenever I need to just jot something down quickly to add to my main planner later.
The Sticker Planner has a large pocket on the back cover, so I put the Meadow VBKit Bits & Pieces pack inside. I love the little tags. I’m thinking that I can use one of the paper clips to add one of them to my VBWeeks if I need to add something to it while I’m out.
To complete my set-up, I added a VB magnetic bookmark and, of course, my Meadow VBPen.
Now, I am all set to be able to do some weekend on-the-go planning. It’s the perfect size to carry in my purse when I don’t need to carry my VB Tote. I hope you find this idea helpful and would love to see how you are using your Sticker Planner! 

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