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Do you have a collection of washi tapes just begging to be used? Or are you looking for inspiration on new ways to use your stash? This is the blog for you!

We've rounded up some fun and creative ideas from the VB Community showing various ways you can use your washi tapes in your planners and journals. Let's dive right in, shall we?


The first idea on this list is probably the most obvious - for decoration! Washi is a fun way to add a splash of color and deco to your spreads and layouts. You can use one tape or layer multiple patterns and colors together for a more intricate design. Get creative with your combinations!

This look is most often used on the edges of a page but can also make an impact when used in other areas. Washi is also a great space filler idea for those less-busy days in your planner. 


Touching on the previous idea, adding a washi border to the edges of your pages can really jazz up a spread. As seen in the photos below, you can do a side border or a top and bottom border - both options look beautiful!

Pro tip: Use the edge of the page or a lined section as a guide to avoid a crooked border.

Rip It

While we're still on the topic of deco - let's talk about another way you can use washi to spice up a spread. The journal page look is all the rage right now throughout the planner community. By ripping a piece of washi tape, you can easily achieve this aesthetic for your layouts. The ripped pieces can be used as a border or added right into the spreads. 

Pro tip: Use scissors to start the rip then slowly separate the washi down the rip to get the desired look.

Layer It

The options are endless when it comes to washi tape! Create some beautiful layers in your spreads by combining headers, boxes, or deco stickers with your washi. You can keep it simple or really go all out with this and add in multiple stickers or even some foil accents - it's up to you!

Tie In Colors

If you have a specific layout theme or set of stickers you want to use, adding in coordinating washi tapes is a great way to tie into your color palette. Notice in the photo below how the tapes really emphasize the colors of the box stickers and circle icons and take this page from simple to standout! 

Washi Dashboard

Washi dashboards are a fab way to create an eye catching page! Simply pick out coordinating colors and designs and get creating. Washi dashboards can be made directly on the pages of a hardbound notebook or added in separately by using paper or cardstock for disc and ring bound options. You can also make one on the back of a journaling card to have a double sided attention grabber!

Check out this VB Blog for a quick tutorial and tips to get you started: VB Tutorial: Micro Washi Dashboard

Tip Ins

If you want to add a page to your hardbound notebooks or into your inserts, try the Tip In method! By placing a strip of washi tape halfway onto the additional page and halfway onto the notebook or planner as shown below, you can easily add another page, card, or photo to your existing set up. Once it's been taped down, it flips right along with the rest of the pages.

For planners, this works well for adding in a checklist or daily insert page if you need more room than your weekly layout provides. For journals, this would work for adding in a photo, a ticket from an event, or other similar mementos. 

Temporary Additions

If you want to add something a little more temporary to your pages, you can also use washi for that. For example, if you need a quick grocery list or have a rotating weekly / monthly to do list - you can use a bit of washi to temporarily secure a notepad page into your layouts. Then when you're ready to move on to the next spread, gently peel up the washi and transfer the list to the next layout as needed.

Pro tip: Put the majority of the washi tape onto the notepad page you're adding, with only a minimal amount of tape adhered on the actual planner or journal. Test this out on an unused page of your planner / journal first. Not all papers or tapes will work as well with this method as some kinds of paper types may rip more easily than others when the tape is removed. 

Cover Ups

If there's a text section in your planner that doesn't work with the layout you have in mind, easily cover it up with a strip or two of washi tape! You can also use whiteout on the text first to avoid having anything show through for clear or more transparent tapes.

Pro tip: This works great for upcycling an outdated planner! Check out this VB Blog for more info: VB Tutorial: 5 Ways to Repurpose Outdated VBPlanner Pages

DIY Headers

Solid washi tapes are excellent for making your own headers or section labels! You can write directly on the tape by using an oil based pen (such as a Uni Pin Pen). Other options include using a label maker, text stickers, or simply using a header themed washi tape.

Check out the VB Essentials to shop these products: VB Essentials

Add Sections

Washi can also be used to section off different areas of your planner. This works well for adding in specific lists or timeframes in layouts. For example, you can use washi strips to divide a vertical daily layout into morning / afternoon / evening. Check out the photos below to see how washi can be used either vertically or horizontally to separate a page for this purpose. 

Time Blocking

If you use a daily layout, this idea can be really helpful for marking hours in your spread. Used horizontally, you can add headers or labels as needed to indicate different items on your schedule. Used vertically, you can section off a time block that's set aside for a specific task or event. 

Mark Events

Marking off similar events with the same washi tape is an easy way to keep track of an upcoming schedule. For example, in the spread below you can see how the same washi tape was used to indicate VillabeauTIFFul shop releases throughout the month. Picking out a specific washi tape to mark work days, bill due dates, pay days etc can help draw the eye to important dates in a spread.

Thanks for reading! We hope this helps inspire you to dive into your washi stash and make the most out of your planner and journal spreads.

How do you like to use your washi tapes? Be sure to share a photo of your VB washi creations in the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook group and tag @shopvillabeautifful #villabeautifful if you're sharing on Instagram.

Looking for more ideas and photos? Check out a previously published VB Blog: VB Close Up: 10 Ways to Use Washi 

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Thank you to Keisha | @drinkcoffee.makestuff & Laura | @lala_planslife for the beautifful photos!


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