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I know you all are as excited about all the new VillabeauTIFFul products that have been added to the shop. My favorite product right now is the VBWeeks. I’ve always wanted to try out a weeks planner, but I never was able to stick with one. I love to experiment with different design layouts, changing the designs as my needs change. The VBWeeks offers so many possibilities for designing a layout that fits your style. 

Here, I’ve included some of my favorite designs as well as a few new ones that I plan to try out. I hope you find them useful as you search for planner peace using the VBWeeks!

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This was one of the first designs I created in the original VBWeeks planner. I used the Beauty Mark Anniversary VBKit sticker book to decorate the pages. I still wasn’t sure if the left side would give me the functionality I was looking for, but I was certain about the design for the right page. I love the space that was available and decided early on that this page design was perfect for capturing the information I wanted to keep track of.
This design is one of my favorite layouts in the original VBWeeks planner using the Efflorescence VBKit. For the right side, I divided the horizontal boxes to create two sections for each day. My vision was to have a task section for daily use. The right side was divided into three zones. I added a single tracker along the bottom. 
This was one of my first designs in the current version of the VBWeeks using the Academia VBKit. On the left side, I left the horizontal boxes as they were and added a few stickers to each box. Leaving the boxes intact, I could also use this page for daily journaling or even daily scripture writing. On the right, I split the graph pages into 3 sections: to do, to buy, and a sleep tracker. 
For this design, I decided to, once again, divide the left page into two sections on each day, aiming for functionality to get the most out of the space. However, on the right page, I created a meal planning section to help me keep track of family meals. At the top of the page, I added a more detailed tracker to keep up with daily tasks.

I also incorporated a to-do section, a to-buy section, and a sleep tracker. The florals from the Frostine VBKit makes this one of my favorites! The design was perfect and I decided to stick with this for a while. Below, I used the Aphrodite VBKit to decorate a spread using the same design.
I find each of those layouts useful, but, as I said, I love that I’m able to experiment with the VBWeeks design. Below I've added a few more layouts that I plan to use when I need a little variety.

I can’t wait to see the designs everyone creates in their VBWeeks! I’m always looking for more ways to “BeauTIFFy” my planners. Feel free to tag me @drinkcoffee.makestuff and @shopvillabeautifful on Instagram and make sure you post in the VillabeauTIFFul Facebook group.


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