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If you have been in the planning world for years or are new you may have noticed that the Weeks size is currently everywhere and blowing up. I definitely am not upset about this because the more an item becomes popular it opens up the product accessibility ranging from wallets and covers to sticker sets and extra tools for this particular size and planner set up system. Villabeautifful has not disappointed in this area with all the useful and amazing weeks products that are offered!

I have been using a VB Weeks planner in the color latte paired with the almond beige clutch wallet and have been absolutely loving this system in my everyday life. As much as I love it though I will honestly admit I have always felt like it didn’t give me all the functionality that I quite need.  I found myself using a ton of sticky notes midweek needing to write out extra things, jot down new appointments or make lists for a project that randomly comes to me one day that I may not get to for awhile but cannot afford to forget this remarkable idea so writing it down is a must...IYKYK haha!

The day I noticed that Tiffany came out with a notebook weeks notepad insert I immediately had to order it. Now that I have been using it I feel the need to share how awesome this simple and super affordable little tool is for this system. It has helped me fall even more in love with this setup because it gives me the extra space that I so badly need but yet is such a compact system that I can easily carry it with me in my VB Tote or even purse depending on the day. 

Below I am going to show how I am setting up this notepad insert for my needs currently. You can choose to change up these sections or go a totally different route altogether but hopefully it inspires you to unlock the weeks system capabilities for your life :) 
Items used: 
Below is the notepad weeks insert that I will be highlighting today. At the price point of $6.99 it is in my opinion worth every penny, the amount of sticky notes I was using probably added up to just as much and this system is more organized and functional. 

Here are the specs for easy reference:
Notepad size: 80x180mm
30 sheets per pad
100gsm paper
I have been using it as a monthly overview, just in list form which is something I prefer. I used a monthly sticker from the VB Planner Sticker book. VB also has another option for monthly stickers in the VB Weeks Months + Dates Clear Stickers if you are looking for a different option. I used what I had readily available but either will work. One thing I love about these options is they have a clear background so pairing them with color stickers or deco is easy and totally fits into my simple look that I am going for. 
Next I added a header from a VB sticker sheet, for this area you can choose what works for you. Here is where I want my “goals” listed directly under the month. I find that when my goals are right there in my eyesight everyday I am less apt to ignore or skip over them. It helps motivate me personally. 
After finishing that section I use some 15mm washi torn in half to create a border in the middle of the page. 
Next I add deco and a washi border to the bottom of the page, this is personal preference and I am sure next month I will be trying something else out…I love being able to customize this little notepad insert as my needs and moods change throughout the months. 

I often layer the stickers before laying them down, that way I can get the angles that I want them at and then lay it down on paper for final placement. Again, pairing a color background with an art deco is always a yes in my book!
I then finish off this page by adding the other half of the torn 15mm washi to the bottom to create a border. I added the “inbox” sticker for this section, this is where I will write any urgent notes or things that I need to add to my planners when I get home etc. 
This month I am going to continue what I did last month that worked out really well - adding an affirmation page to the left hand side of the notepad insert. This is an area of my life I am trying hard to work on and having a quick and functional place to do this has helped me accomplish this on a more consistent basis. I am keeping the page very simple as I like to keep the most white writing area I can because I do not know how much will be written, in this case is when I add any extra deco stickers as the days go by and I see that I have areas I can add stickers to. In this case the writing is more important than the stickers so that is where I keep the focus on this particular page. 
I have a goal of writing an affirmation a day, so I just write out each day on the left hand side. 
I found a cute little script sticker that I am using in place of “affirmations”, I felt like it is where I am trying to mentally get to a place of having for myself, love <3 
I have been also doing a page for budget, this is where I keep track of transactions or anything else budget related I need to quickly jot down. I also created a section for appointments and a grocery list section, all of these are things that I needed but couldn't always fit into just a weeks system. Having this notepad insert has helped me so much and has been a loved additional tool! The possibilities are truly endless with this little product, it is a completely blank slate for you to create on. 
And just like that a simple and quick way to have your planner system work for you in ways you need! 
I look forward to seeing how you all are using this notepad insert from VB, make sure to tag VB on instagram @shopvillabeautifful and/or @lala_planslife to share with the community to keep the inspiration going! :) 

I hope the rest of March treats you well, sending love! 
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