What to Carry in Your VB Tote
Hello & Happy Spring! 

In this VB Blog we'll be showcasing the VB Nude Canvas Utility Tote & a few ideas for ways you can use it to fit your needs! It measures approximately 12 x 10 inches so there's plenty of room for your VBPlanner & other essentials. 

This tote was originally featured in the 2022 November "Academia" Advent VBKit & was also given as VB table swag at the 2023 GO Wild planner conference. Check out the Academia VBKit reveal video HERE for a close up look at the VB Tote.

VillabeauTIFFul also offers a coordinating VB Nude Canvas Organizer Pouch to corral your smaller items, as well as a selection of enamel pins & keychains to add a bit of flair to your totes!

Let's take a look at three possible ways you can pack your VB Totes for the following categories: work, art journal supplies, & general everyday. 


I am amazed at the amount of planning supplies that I can fit in my VB Nude Canvas Utility Tote! I take it to work with me daily. As a teacher, I never know what I’ll need to have in my bag, but this tote is packed! Though the supplies sometimes vary based on specific tasks I need to complete, there are some essentials that I always have with me. 

Here’s a quick peek of what’s inside my bag!

Front pockets:
  • VB Pocket Book for holding my VBPens, sticky notes, and small sticker sheets for the week that match my weekly spreads
  • VB Wallet Clutch for on-the-go planning

Back pocket:
Inside pocket:
  • Nude Canvas Organizer Pouch for holding tweezers, scissors, white out and tape runners, highlighters, sticker sheets, sticky notes, paper clips, etc.
  • VB Planner Supply Organizer for holding pens I use for color-coding
  • Planner Supply Envelope from the Oceania VBKit for my portable hard drive
  • iPad

- Keisha | @drinkcoffee.makestuff


Hellooooo there VB fam! I wanted to give you a quick snapshot of what I am currently carrying in my VB Canvas Tote from the 2022 Academia Advent VBKit. I am using it as my journal or downtime tote.

I have my journal items that I grab frequently along with new colored pencils and a color book for unwinding and relaxation time for myself. Below is a list of things I was able to stuff in my VB Tote with room to spare! This changes for me on a weekly basis as my needs change but I absolutely love this tote and enjoy that I can easily pack it & take it with me to appointments or carry it around with me as I move around the house at night to be able to have items I need right there. 
- Laura | @lala_planslife


Hi everyone! I'm sharing how I've packed my VB Tote to use for general everyday. For me, this means a typical #momlife afternoon running errands, school pickup, appointments, sports practices, etc. I love that this bag has plenty of space for all the things I like to keep with me on-the-go. I also had fun picking out enamel pins to decorate & personalize it. While the contents can vary day to day depending on my schedule, here's a breakdown of what you will generally find in my VB Tote.

Front pockets:
Back pocket:
  • Reusable sticker book for on-the-go planning
  • 4x6 Grid Notepad for quick notes & lists

  • A book
  • iPad
  •  VBWeeks planner in a Clutch Wallet (also has some stickers, a VBPen, & other small accessories inside)
  • VB Nude Canvas Organizer Pouch which holds various essentials like sanitizer, hand cream, lip gloss, emergency hair ties, floss, sunscreen, mask, wipes, & misc cosmetics.
  • Divider insert (included with the organizer pouch) holding some pens, markers, & highlighters.
(Also I'd like to note the one thing missing from this list is SNACKS lol! Don't worry, those were added in as soon as I replenished my on-the-go snack stash)

- Angelica | @adjbookishplans
Thanks for reading & we hope you've found some inspiration for making the most out of your VB Totes! We'd love to see how you're packing your VB Totes as well - share some photos in the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook group or on Instagram by tagging @shopvillabeautifful


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