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Ever wonder what to do with the monthly overview in your VBPlanner? The headers give you lots of options to try out, so this month I decided to use it as a vision board. I wanted to do a spring refresh in my craft room. I didn’t want to change it up completely; I just wanted to add a few pieces to give myself more storage options. I spent a lot of time browsing the Internet but kept getting overwhelmed with the amount of storage pieces that were available. I had to come up with a plan. The monthly overview was perfect! Read on to see how my plan came together.

The first thing I did was to set a budget. It was important to me to keep the total cost under $100. I found a few things that I definitely wanted and printed the photos out. Each one was less than two inches.

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Once I decided on placement, l used a tape runner to adhere the photos to the page. Then, I gathered some supplies from the Sakura Picnic VBKit (stickers and washi) and a set of sticky notes. 

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I knew I wanted to use the line boxes from the small sticker sheet pack to label each photo and a journaling sticker to hide the print at the bottom of the page. I used the sticky notes for recording retailers and prices.
After filling in the details about the products, I also wrote down what each item would be used for. I wanted to be sure that each item I planned to purchase had a specific purpose. 
At the bottom of the page, I added more stickers to write down any notes l may need.
Next, I added a title using some letter stickers and a couple of strips of washi to add a little decor to the page. To highlight the month, I used a brush pen (Tombow #772).
And that’s it! I am so pleased with how it turned out. Cute, yet completely functional! This was the perfect solution for planning out what I wanted to buy for my craft room and helped me to really make some concrete decisions about why I needed each item. 
I plan on doing this each time I have a project to complete. I’m a visual learner and having a vision board certainly made this process easier by having a visual representation of what I wanted to accomplish. I hope that this gives you another way to use your monthly overview. 

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