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Hello there beautifful VB family! 

Today I am going to show you some close ups of my VB Weeks journal system I am setting up to begin writing in for my daily gratitude journal along with showing you a couple different journal layout spread ideas for the VB Weeks notebook. I absolutely love this combination of the clutch wallet and the notebook.

For this system I am wanting to lean more towards a neutral theme throughout the pages. The clutch and notebook have such an earthy vibe to me that I want to carry that throughout the notebook and see what it looks like when I fill it up with beautiful daily gratitude reminders and memories. If you know me then you know I love me some pink but there’s a special place in my heart for neutrals and nudes. 

First I am going to highlight a couple spots in my VB Weeks such as decorating the front pockets and what I carry in my clutch wallet. Now I will fully admit this changes frequently if not daily sometimes (I know I am not alone here! Lol) but this is my current setup that I am loving. 
Here I am showing how you can use craft cards as washi sample cards to stick into the front pocket of the vb clutch. I love having some of my favorite washi right on hand to quickly add to my layouts. I would also like to note that magnetic charms stay amazingly well on this little corner of the front pockets. 
In the card slots I have some planner cards from Sticky Monster Co. along with some older VB page flags. In the open view window on the top left of the clutch wallet I used a transparent VB card and a white backing to have it be more visible (thanks Angelica for this tip!).
Located within my tri fold I just have some pages from the Hugo and Beethoven journal packs. As I continue to use this system I am sure I will add more and this will change but for now keeping it light as a lot of my journal items I am carrying in my VB canvas tote at the moment.
Having shown a quick glimpse of my journal system using the VB clutch wallet I now want to jump into some spreads I have already created and then walk you through creating a layout using VB planner and journal products in my weeks that doesn't take long at all to create.

VB Clutch Wallet - Caramel
Keychain wristlet - Caramel
VB Weeks Notebook - Suede
Animal Print Heart Magnetic Charm
Hugo Journal Paper Pack
Beethoven Journal Paper Pack
Etori Book Journal Pack (used in the step by step layout) 
Brown Flowers Journal Stickers (used in the step by step layout)
Meadow Bits + Pieces (used in the step by step layout)
Meadow Deco sheet #08 (used in the step by step layout)

Shop all VB journaling products here. 
The brown florals on the VB site are something I knew I needed because they would pair perfectly in spreads for this journal system. I picked a few I love and will incorporate them into the journal layout. 
To start the spread out I am going to take a Hugo journal pack paper and tear it in half diagonally in order to create a base for the corners of the layout. Once I have it completely torn I am going to set them at the top left hand corner and bottom right hand corner of the layout. After placing those down I then just begin to layer different stickers, at this point I am not gluing or permanently sticking anything down. I merely want to get a feel and look before making it final.
Above is a book sticker from the Etori book pack and then a bits + pieces Meadow letter page. I am going to take the brown floral and place it behind the stack I have created to achieve my layering look I am aiming for. 
As you can see I have both corners decorated with various journal items, at this point nothing is permanent as I am testing my ideas out. After seeing it placed together and I love how it looks I will begin layering each corner piece by piece. Tip: I often snap a quick picture of my layout before beginning, it is an easy way to reference how you had the stickers and deco placed without having to remember it off the top of your head. Sometimes I am watching shows or get distracted mid decorating and have forgotten or spaced how I had things displayed. 

First I use double sided tape to adhere the Hugo paper to the journal. 
Next I position and permanently place my brown floral, since this is the background to my layering pieces this is the first to be placed down. 
Then I am going to use double sided tape to place the Meadow bits and piece down to the page. 
After I have that placed down I am going to place the book sticker down, completing the corner layering deco that I had placed down originally. 
Now that I have the original idea laid out I use other smaller deco to add extra pieces to the layout, I love to add foil pieces or cute little art deco to finish off a spread giving it just a tiny bit of extra sparkle. 
All that is left to do is to finish off the left hand corner to complete the entire layout. Again taping down the Hugo paper down first and then layering each sticker on top of one another until the look is finished. 
I cannot wait to begin using this VB Weeks notebook as my daily gratitude journal! I definitely will be sharing layouts and other ideas I have as time continues. Until then I hope that you are inspired in some way and that you create a journal system that fits you and your beautifful life!
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