"Academia" 12 Days of VB Advent Calendar VBKit Details

"Academia" 12 Days of VB

Advent Calendar November VBKit Info


Kit Theme: Academia | We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to attend VB Academy! The "Academia" Advent VBKit is perfect for all those who enjoy dark academia aesthetics & color palettes.

You will receive 12 exclusive VB products, each individually wrapped to open over the course of 12 days, packed in a VB box. This is NOT a Christmas nor holiday specific themed kit. Please refer to the mood board and the sticker book sneak peek for the inspiration behind the theme. This VBKit features bronze foiling.

Reservations Open: Early preorders will begin on Sunday, October 16th at 11 AM PST | 2 PM EST. 
Reservations will stay open until November 9th or until sold out. For your best chances at securing an Advent VBKit before they sell out or reservations close, we recommend shopping as close to Oct 16th as you can! 

Reservation Price: $125 (+ tax & shipping) 
Retail Value: $220+ worth of VB Products which consists of stationery, VBPens, plus items for journaling, organization, & lifestyle. 

Shipping: "Academia" 12 Days of VB Advent Calendar VBKits will be shipped in a box via USPS Priority. Due to the total package weight of this VBKit & the fact that it's shipping in a box rather than an envelope, USPS Priority Mail will be the only option available for domestic shipping. You will see an increased shipping total reflected during check out. Shipping cost is automatically calculated by USPS based on the package weight & destination.The box is very heavy - please expect high shipping rates for international customers. 

Max Quantity: There are no limits for the "Academia" 12 Days of VB Advent Calendar VBKit Reservations but each VBKit must be purchased on its own! You cannot add other items or multiple VBKit reservations to your order - you'll need to make separate transactions. Orders containing any additional products will be cancelled. For example if you are buying one Advent VBKit for yourself & one Advent VBKit for a gift, you will need to place two separate orders.

Kits Ship Out: VBKits are estimated to begin shipping out around late November / early December. If you reserve an "Academia" 12 Days of VB Advent Calendar VBKit, keep an eye out for your shipping notification along with your kit digitals sometime during that timeframe. We always try our best to get the kits out in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that we do pre-print the shipping labels & some may receive shipping notifications earlier in the week than others. Please allow 24-72 hours for your tracking number to update. 

Changes / Updates / Delays: Please keep in mind that shipping dates and/or products are subject to change due to product availability and/or shipping or manufacturing delays. VB Newsletters will be sent out for any updates and additional information to be announced for the "Academia" 12 Days of VB Advent Calendar VBKits.


Check out the VBKit mood / inspiration board & sticker book sneak peek below to get an overall feel for the theme of the Academia VBKit!







Advent VBKit FAQ

What is an Advent VBKit? An advent calendar is used as a countdown - extending the holiday spirit by opening one package each day. In this Advent VBKit, you will receive 12 exclusive individually wrapped VB products. You can open these on an advent schedule of one a day for 12 days in December (typically beginning Dec 14th & opening the last package on Dec 25th), or whenever you would like! 

When do reservations close? VBKit reservations are only available until sold out. Reservations will close on November 9th unless they sell out before then.

Will there be another kit reservation opening on November 1st? No, there will only be one November VBKit (the "Academia" 12 Days of VB Advent Calendar VBKit). November reservations are opening early and will start on October 16th instead of November 1st.

I'm reserving a kit in October but won't receive it until the end of November? Yes! We are opening the reservations for the Advent VBKit early due to the increased size of the VBKit and the additional time it will take for our team to quality check the products, wrap all of the items, package the kits, plus all of the additional preparation that goes into Kit Week. You will receive an email notification once your VBKit has shipped & you can also check the VB Calendar, where it will show when kits will begin shipping out each month. If a kit is delayed for any reason, a VB Newsletter will be sent out with that information.

Will we get to see product sneaks & a full reveal? Not until sometime after Christmas. Usually during Kit Week, we share product sneaks & reveals on the ShopVillabeauTIFFul social media channels and in the Villabeautifful Community group on Facebook but as this kit will have wrapped items for an advent countdown, the contents will not be revealed during Kit Week so that it can be a surprise when you open it!

Where can I find more info about the VBKits & reservation process? Check out our VBKit 101 page here: www.villabeautifful.com/vbkitinfo  


Advent VBKit Reservation Policy


Please verify that all of your shipping information is correct PRIOR to completing your purchase. Addresses cannot be changed once your order has been confirmed.  

Once your reservation has been placed, it cannot be changed or canceled under any circumstances. Please review all of the product listing information carefully & be sure to add your initials to the prompts indicating you have read & agreed to the Advent VBKit reservation terms.

Each Advent VBKit must be purchased on its own. Shipping cannot be combined with multiple reservations, other products, or with past/future orders.

VB Reward Points may be used towards the reservation. Make sure to log into your VB account before completing your purchase to receive VB Reward Points. If you have a VB Rewards code, it must be used during checkout. Rewards cannot be added after an order has been completed.




Please Help Us Maintain The Surprise


We kindly ask that everyone please refrain from posting any Advent VBKit products without cover photos and spoiler warnings until December 25th. We graciously ask this so that those who do choose to open on an advent schedule of one package a day in December do not happen upon spoilers while scrolling Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

While we can't enforce this request across social media, as far as the VillabeauTIFFul Community Facebook group goes - no product reveals will be approved until December 25th. Any posts or comments that include photos or details about the Advent VBKit products will be removed. 

We know how exciting it is to open up all of the pretty products & how fun it is to share that excitement with others. We also know that some are already planning to open all the packages as soon as their VBKit is delivered (No judgement here!! 😂)... We only ask that you please help us do what we can to preserve someone else's excitement & surprise at unwrapping their VB goodies for this Advent VBKit. We truly appreciate your consideration & understanding in this matter!!


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