VB is getting some new pens! We hear you and are so thankful you love the Crystal VBPens that's is been hard to keep up with production. But, hey, we are working on it and hopefully soon we'll have a store filled with #prettypens.

Due to the demand we recently changed manufactures for the VBPens. There's some small differences between the old model (previous manufacturer) and new model (new current manufacturer).  You cannot use the new ink refills with the older pens because the barrel of the ink is wider. It is not advised to use to the new ink refills with the older pens (please see below for a list of the older pens). However, I have tried the new ink refills with the older pens and they do work but only one didn't work and ink got everywhere. So please use at your own risk and use extreme caution when changing the inks.  Also, when changing out the inks please be careful not to lose the little spring that is inside the barrel of the pen. Change out the ink the the tip pointing up and not down. Store your pens with the tips facing up as well.

Villabeautifful is not held responsible for damaged pens due to using the newer inks with the older pens, or lost springs. 

Older pen inks have been ordered and will be available in mid-May. 

Older Pens from the previous manufacturer that are now retired are the following: 

Atlantic Blue, Blanc, Bonjour, Classy & Fabulous, Cotton Candy, Flashmode, Lipstick Red, Me Time, Rainy Days, Sterling Grey, Sweetie, Tres Chic Pink. 

These pens will be available for the April 13 launch but when quantities are 0 they will no longer be restocked. 

For caring for your VBPen please read VBPEN101


Below is a Facebook Live Video that I did with the VB Facebook Group. I talk about the difference between the old and new VB Pen Models, how to change the ink refills and other important info. 



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