New Pens: Purple Reign, Lavish Lilac & Mega Watt
As we wait for the Rainy Days Crystal VBPens I thought I would release 3 new permanent pens in the meantime. These 3 pens will be restocked throughout the year do please don't worry about not being able to snag one on release day at 3:30 PM PDT. 
Let me introduce you to the pens that will make their debut on April 30th. 
Purple Reign | deep dark chrome-like purple with matching dark purple crystals 
Lavish Lilac | pretty lilac purple with light lavender (with a tint of pink) crystals
Mega Watt | rose gold metal with clear crystals. The clear crystals reflect the metal and gives a beautiful effect. 
Please remember: 
- no combined shipping / no canceling orders 
- you won’t need a password for the site when it opens 
-make sure your address is correct at checkout since we’ll be fulfilling orders as they come in 
- if using points or a code please enter it at checkout. Will not be going back to deduct manually from your order. 
-remember the cart doesn’t hold your items checkout ASAP to get everything you want.

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  • Karen: February 19, 2019

    Can I still buy the Megawatt pen?

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