VBKit Enchanted Ocean Kit Reveal

Are you an ocean child? You surely are Mer-mazing then! :) You'll see deep jeweled like tones mixed with all sort of underwater sea creatures. Get those planners ready for some deep sea diving with the mermaids. 



Preorders will start on Tuesday June 5th at 3:30 PM PDT (west coast US time) and will remain open until all quantities have been filled. It could take a couple hours to a couple weeks it all depends on the demand for this kit. Once they sell out quantities will not be added. Last month it only took 1.5 days until all allocated slots were full. I did add some extra spots this month but please be on time to reserve a kit. 

Shipping labels for the kits will start between July 15-18th. Please allow 2-3 days before checking your tracking. 

If you are purchasing more than 1 kit please make two separate transactions. 

No combining regular merchandise with VBKits 

Kit extras will be very limited once kits are sent out including the pen or not even any at all. Please plan accordingly. 

**Photos included in the mood board are only for inspiration purposes. Actually images will not be included in the kit. 


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