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VillabeauTIFFul has the right to cancel any orders that break any part of the VB store policy and/or revoke shopping privileges on without question. This pertains to any individuals that continually abuse the rewards program and/or buy to sell products in Facebook Buy, Sale, Trade Group(s) and/or online selling sites such as Ebay, Etsy, Mercari, etc., creating multiple accounts under different names to bypass quantity limits. 



Regular order processing is between 3-7 business days. Shipping windows for holidays, new product launches, VBPen releases (restock / new release week), promotions (sales/discount codes/Tiffy Specials), and kit week are extended to 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS NO WEEKENDS. We appreciate your patience during these times as we get more orders than usual. We do try our best to get your orders out to you in a timely manner. Please check the shipping window stated above and in the product listings prior to emailing VB Customer Service regarding shipping times. You will be sent a tracking number once your order has been shipped. Please allow 24-72 hours for your tracking number to update.  

The VB Studio doesn't have postal pick ups Friday through Sunday so any orders processed after Thursday's postal pick up begin shipping the following Monday.


There is no combined shipping with past, day of, or future orders. This helps make sure our team at the VB Studio can process orders as quickly as possible. Manually combining multiple orders, especially on heavy order days, such as New Releases, Tiffy Tuesdays, Kit Extras Releases, etc takes a considerable amount of time away from our team working to pack & fulfill orders.


Please check your shipping address BEFORE checking out to make sure it's current & correct. VillabeauTIFFul is not responsible for orders that get delivered to wrong or older addresses. If a package is returned due to an insufficient or incorrect address, the buyer is responsible for the shipping to have the order resent. 

Some listings have sections that need your attention & require initials. The listings may take a second to fully load once you bring up the page. Please review the information in full & add your initials where instructed showing that you agree with the listing terms. Initials must match the name in the order, if not your full order will be canceled. If the required initials are not placed with your order, your order will be canceled. 


We do ship all over the world. You will receive a shipping cost once you checkout. To determine your shipping rate for your specific country please add all of your items to your cart and enter your shipping information. The rate will be calculated before you confirm your order. International shipping is expensive for us and we do try to our best to keep them at a low cost for you. At times, the given rate may be less or more from what is calculated at checkout. A member of the team will be in contact with you if this is the case and will discuss some options so you will be able to receive your order. We are not responsible for taxes or custom fees that you acquire within your country. Please do not contact us in regards to changing the information on the customs form. It is against the law to provide information that is not accurate on the parcel.  

Resend shipping fees for package returns due to not claiming packages from customs, regardless of any situation, is solely the responsibility of the customer.


Due to changes in the VAT treatment of overseas goods, VillabeauTIFFul unfortunately had to put a hold on shipping to the UK until further notice.
This policy change took effect on December 15th, 2020. Any orders placed after 12/15/2020 with a UK shipping address will be cancelled. The UK has been removed from our list of shipping destinations for the time being. Once we get the approval to ship to the UK again, we will continue service. 


VB sticker samplers & mailer cards are promotional items. These are added to orders only while supplies last. We will not be taking requests for specific samplers or cards. As variations are selected randomly & based on inventory, you may receive duplicates if you place multiple orders.


We cannot hold orders to be shipped at a later date. If you need to request special accommodations, you must let us know by filling out the VB contact form PRIOR to placing your order. 


The mood board & sticker page sneak peek for the monthly VBKits are available in the preorder product listing. Please refer to those & the product description for the VBKit theme. 

Absolutely NO cancellations for VBKit preorders once the kit has been revealed. 

Each preorder has a section requiring customer initials that states: “Once this order has been placed it cannot be changed or canceled under any circumstances.” Please make sure you are certain that you want to place the order prior to completing your purchase.

Preorders for VBKits cannot be refunded or returned. Once orders are placed, they cannot be changed (including shipping addresses) or canceled under any circumstances. 

Preordered VBKits will receive shipping notifications with tracking noted in the listing. Please check the monthly kit product listing before contacting VB Customer Service regarding a shipping date. Once you have confirmed your kit order, there can be no changes made to your order. Kits will ship on their own (this is stated in the order confirmation before you added the item to your cart)- no combined shipping for the kits unless you've made prior arrangements before ordering.  


During Tiffy Specials, VB Happy Hour, new VBPen Releases/Restocks Week, and any other sort of promotion period / shopping event we cannot change, add to, or cancel/refund orders once they are placed. Double check your address before you finalize your order. Once you submit your order it is finalized and no changes can be made. We will also not combine orders if you place multiple orders on the same day. During these times we get more orders than usual and want to make sure we start fulfilling orders right away.

PR or any type of discount codes are disabled on new release days, only redeemed VB Points which turns into a VB Reward code can be used toward your purchase. This code needs to be ready and entered at the time of checkout. We will not accept codes or apply points after your order has been placed. 


General max quantity for all VB ready-to-ship products, to include VBPens & individual VBKit Extra products, will be 3 of the same product per customer / account / household, unless stated otherwise in the product listing description. 

The quantity limits only apply to the specific product it is listed in. Individual pens are counted as separate quantity from the bundles. So if you buy, for example, 1 bundle of the new release VBPens (which includes a Brown Sugar VBPen) + 3 Brown Sugar individual VBPens, that’s totally fine. As long as none of the products exceed the limits stated in their specific listings. Quantity limits are based on release and inventory levels, so it’s always best to check the listing for each product prior to placing your order.

VBKit preorders have a max quantity of 1 per customer / account / household. Only one kit preorder, of any kind, per person without prior approval. If you want to get 2 basic kits, or 1 basic kit & 1 paper pack kit, etc, you'll need to get approval prior to placing your order. 

At times, there might be a limit on extra VBKits when the remaining kits go on sale after preorders. Please check the listing prior to making your purchase. 

If you need special accommodations over the given limit, you must contact us via the VB Customer Service contact form for approval prior to your purchase. Any orders exceeding the purchase limits without prior approval are subject to being cancelled without notice. 

Please do not buy VBPens and/or any other VB products with the intent to resell. Do not make multiple accounts to purchase more than the given quantity limits. IF YOU PURCHASE FROM MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS EITHER WITH THE SAME NAME OR ANOTHER NAME, YOUR ORDERS WILL BE CANCELED WITHOUT NOTICE. 

Be sure to read the product listings prior to completing your purchase. The photos below show an example of the quantity limit section of the listings.


If you believe your product is defective or damaged (does not include being damaged in transit) once you receive it, please contact VB Customer Service via the contact form right away. For VBPen issues, VB Customer Service must be contacted within 30 DAYS of ORDER DELIVERY. For VBKit issues, VB Customer Service must be contacted within 14 DAYS of ORDER DELIVERYPictures and detailed explanation are extremely helpful. In order to qualify for a replacement, the product must be unused and with the original packaging and approved by VB Customer Service in order to proceed with a return/resend. 


At times we do get some VBPens that don't pass the final round of quality control at the studio. When these imperfect pens do arise and Tiffany feels that they are able to listed, they will be discounted, marked AS-IS / FINAL SALE, & disclosed as IMPERFECT. The imperfection can be anywhere on the pen and depends on each pen. Imperfections can be various things from scratches on the clear barrel, paint issues, small nicks on the metal part of the pen, etc. The price is discounted to reflect the imperfection. 

Please review the listing completely to understand the imperfection details. For example, some of the imperfect pens are marked on the bottom, while some are not marked on the bottom - this info will be in the listing. Only new pens + manufacture imperfect pens (ones that are not marked) will receive complimentary ink refills. If you purchased an imperfect VBPen that has been marked, you will NOT receive a complimentary ink refill with your order. Imperfect single VBPens will not be packaged in a clear VBPen box to save on packaging - it should always be in the listings though if the clear boxes won’t be included. 
By purchasing the listing and adding your initials to the prompts you agree to the terms that are listed in the listing description & listing photos. 


Be cautious when using ink refills not supported by VILLABEAUTIFFUL. Use at your own risk as VILLABEAUTIFFUL LLC or Tiffany Ross are not held responsible if the refill damages your pen in any shape or form. The ink included in the pen and the refills are provided straight to us by manufacturer and is actually custom made to fit the Crystal VBPens. We understand that many of you have specific preferences in color and point sizes, however, the VB branded ink refills are the best for this pen at the moment. Please use this as a fair warning before experimenting with other refills in the market.


VBKits, supplies, and other merchandise are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. It is a final sale once you hit submit. If a sticker sheet is not cut properly, a product is defective or other circumstances that were manufacturer error we will replace (of equal or lesser value) within 30 days of receiving the product. Please contact us to start the exchange process. For VBPen issues, VB Customer Service must be contacted within 30 DAYS of ORDER DELIVERY. For VBKit issues, VB Customer Service must be contacted within 14 DAYS of ORDER DELIVERYProduct must be in original packaging and unused to quality for a replacement. For U.S. orders postage will be paid for to return the defective or wrong product. 


VILLABEAUTIFFUL is not responsible for packages that are lost/stolen, tampered with or marked as delivered once it leaves the studio. If your package is lost/stolen, tampered with, or marked delivered and you have not received it please contact your local postal carrier and USPS. We are also not responsible for wrong addresses- please double check your shipping address before checking out. 


Sign-up for an account as soon as you start shopping on the website to receive VBPoints. Points will not be awarded or transferred from past orders made as a guest or not signing in with your VB Account. More VB Reward information can be found on the VB FAQ page. 


VBKit digitals are an exclusive bonus for preordered VBKits. We have very strict Terms of Use regarding villabeauTIFFul digitals. Every digital download includes a PDF containing the Terms of Use. We have linked the Terms of Use HERE for you to view. Please review these terms in full. If there is a breach of these terms, you will not be allowed to purchase from and your account will be terminated without notice.

You have 1 year to download your digitals until they are taken off the server. There is also a contract with the illustrator that the artwork is available for download within 1 year.  It is best to download the digitals once you receive the email and store them in a drive or cloud storage. You can find more info on the VBKit digitals on the VBKit 101 page.


We now have a separate page for frequently asked questions regarding the VBPens. Please visit this link: VBPEN101


A separate page for all the FAQ regarding VBKits can be be found at this link: VBKITS INFO



For any other question please get in touch with us here.