VB Close Up: Au Revoir Planner Set Up
Hi Villababes and Villadudes!

For this blog post I wanted to show you how I used the Au Revoir VBKit to set up my planner. I’m trying out the minimalist vibe this year. I’m usually an ‘add all the things!’ type of person, but this year I want to keep it more simple.

The planner I am currently in is a Moterm personal rings. And first things first - the charm, I had to add the charm to my planner!
On the inside cover of the planner, I have taken a piece of vellum, cut it down to fit in the pocket, and added a sticker from the VBKit sticker book to add a little tab up top. There really isn’t anything functional about this, but I wanted add a bit of decor to my pocket.

Also in the pocket are the transparent stickers as well as a transparent card. These stickers have quickly become a favorite of mine and I use them in my monthly and weekly spreads.
The first page in my planner is the 2021 dashboard card. The back of the card has the products list so I cut down a piece of card stock paper that comes in the kit and adhered it to the back. I added some of the VBKit washi tape to the January calendar card and printed out some images from the digitals to add as accents.

The tab bookmarks were my new favorite thing in this kit! I used the top tabs for my general sections like monthly, weekly, and notes. Then I used the bottom tabs for the actual month, day, and notes. These are great!
Using the kit digitals, I made myself vellum overlays for each section in my planner. Behind each top tab, I have a piece of vellum with an image from the digitals, and right behind that I have a piece of printed cardstock from the VBKit.
In the back, I used a bottom tab bookmark as my page lifter and a spot to put some sticky notes.

In the back pockets I have the vellum page flags, a translucent card with washi wrapped around it, some VB stickers, and of course a VBPen!
In my monthly layouts I always use washi tape to mark off the days that I work. I usually keep this section pretty simple. I’ll use the translucent stickers to mark off important dates as they come up.

For my weekly layout the whole ‘minimalist’ look went out the door. I can’t help but use all the stickers from the VB sticker book. There are just so many!

You can see how I used the bottom tab bookmarks to mark the current sections in my planner. I keep one in the monthly section and one in the current week.
I also quickly wanted to show you how I’m using the clear envelope pouch. It holds my planner essentials, washi tape, scissors, pens, ruler, and a glue pen!
Thank you all for following me along on this VB Design Team journey, it has been a ton of fun and I have met so many amazing planner friends. Keep on creating and don’t forget to tag @shopvillabeauTIFFul and show us how you’re using the VBKits!
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  • VB Team: April 30, 2021

    Hi! The original posters aren’t notified of new comments on the blog, so it may help to post in the VillabeauTIFFul Community FB group & ask your questions there :)

  • Gloria: April 30, 2021

    Does anyone respond to these blog comments?

  • charlie: January 20, 2021

    This looks amazing! How did you punch holes into the long tab bookmarks? does a regular hole puncher work?

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