VB Close Up: Be Well Junk Journal Layout
Hello everyone!

Today I am going to show you how I make my junk journal layout. I’ll be using my A6 hobonichi techo for this spread and I will be adding elements from the May Be Well VBKit. 

Junk journaling is basically scrapbooking. The difference between junk journaling and bullet journaling is that junjo (as I call junk journaling) isn’t as structured as bujo. There isn’t much writing involved in junjo. Junjo uses scraps of paper, stickers, whatever you have on hand to make layers of art on a page. 

I am very excited to share my style of junjo. So let’s get started!
Items I’ll be using from the Be Well VBKit:
VB sticker book & deco sheet
Transparent Page Flags
Transparent stickers 
Be Well Washi Tape Set 15mm & 5mm
1 VB Vellum 
1 Cardstock sheet from paper pack

Supplies I used that aren’t shown:
Adhesive runner
Journal/Planner of choice
I usually start with the foundation of the layer. With that being said, I pick two pieces of paper from the May VBKit that I find fit perfectly together. I cut them down to the size I prefer and using my tape runner, I attach them both together. 
Next, I add in layers of transparent page flags. I try to add in colors that go well together and here’s how it came out. 
Now I add in the stickers! You can place the stickers however you’d like, put as many or as little. Depending on my mood, I’ll add a lot or just a couple. In this case, I was enjoying the Be Well stickers a little too much so I ended up using most of them. 
Using the washi tape set from this kit, I’ll be adding little pieces here and there to add a little more layering. 
And here’s the outcome! Here are close ups of the layers!
Thank you for hanging out with me today! I hope you found some inspiration with this style of journaling. I look forward to seeing how everyone uses this kit in their planners and journals!
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  • Chrissy : June 02, 2021

    This blog was amazing to read. As a junk journaling/butler journal gal I love how Anie put all her pieces together perfectly and went in just having fun.

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