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Hello VillabeauTIFFul peeps!

Today on the VB Blog I’m sharing how I used the January With Love VBKit in my daily gratitude journal. I will be showcasing the following VBKit products: paper, a printed kit digital, sticker book, washi, transparent circles, and acetate journal cards. Other supplies used are: clear vellum, scissors, paper trimmer, tape runner or glue stick.

Each week I do a creative journal layout, before the pen, as the canvas for my daily gratitude. The creative journaling process is my way of re-charging my batteries. I begin with my main creative focus areas, normally 3 areas in a 2 page layout.

For this dashboard style layout, I start with the large middle space on the left side as the main focal point and then a few smaller areas on the right side. You can adjust the size and location of your creative elements to fit your journal/planner.

For the main focal point, I trimmed one of the VBKit papers to 5 x 3 inches, fussy cut a flower from the VBKit black & white digital print on vellum, and then tore a small piece off the top of the trimmed VBKit paper. Don’t toss that little piece away, we will use it on the other side.

I layered the VBKit paper and then the flower I fussy cut to the middle of the left page.  I decided to add the gorgeous VBKit washi in various places on both pages, with the larger bow washi on the bottom to give balance to the pages. 

Next I glued the tiny piece I tore from the VBKit paper and added to the top of the VBKit washi on bottom right of the page as part of my smaller focal points. I also had some fun with the fabulous VBKit transparent circle sticky notes. Some I cut in half, some I left whole and then placed them at various points on both pages. I then placed the VBKit date stickers to the right page, and used the “Love” VBKit acetate journal card for the last focal point. Remember to take the backing off before you stick to the page.

These focal points give the eyes a place to rest and move through the journal.

For the last few touches, I flipped through the VBKit sticker book and added smaller stickers onto the pages. 

Now I’m ready for the week ahead and ready to journal.  

Each day I jot down a few things I’m grateful for on the right side. It could be one major event, or a few smaller things that bring me joy in the day. On the left side, I write out affirmations or quotes that are meaningful to me throughout the week. One of the reasons why I enjoy the VBKits is I can use them for the functional or the creative side of me. The VBKits are something I’m grateful for.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post! I hope you found some inspiration in using the January With Love VBKit!

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  • Gloria Ruffino: April 09, 2021

    @Marvette: Thanks so much for your response to my above question,! Leslie from the design team did such a beautiful job at designing and creating the planner pieces above. It’s very inspiring! I would love the same look and layout. Thanks for responding. -Gloria

  • Marvette: March 09, 2021

    This message is for the previous person: Gloria from NJ…
    This journal looks like the from Lights Planner Action, a separate planner company. They all types of different designs and planner sizes to choose from. Hope this was helpful.

  • Gloria Ruffino: March 05, 2021

    I’ve just joined and bought my 1st subscription box to Villabeautifful. Where do I buy the actual Journal book from and the planner books you have? Do you sell them? I don’t know where to begin. I like your journal & planner layouts. Thank you!!

    Sincerely, Gloria from NJ

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