VB Close Up: Free Spirit Washi Sticker Layout

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One of my favorite planners is my B6 rings work planner. In this month's VB blog post I’m sharing how I use the March VBKit for a fun and FUNctional deco weekly layout in my B6 rings, executive inserts by Lights Planner Action. I will be highlighting the Free Spirit VBKit and focusing on the wonderful die cut deco and word VB sticker washi rolls.

Free Spirit VBKit items used:

VB Sticky Note Set
VBKit washi tape (15mm, 7.5mm)
VBKit Sticker Book
Transparent Boxes Page Flag Set
Die Cut Deco and Word Washi Stickers
Free Spirit VBPen

I’m absolutely loving the new Free Spirit VBKit die cut deco & word washi stickers! Simply peel off the word or deco and stick where needed. These are fun for adding that extra bit of focus to important areas throughout my week.

I like to divide my work planner into 3 sections. Top half is for in the office (studio) work. The middle is for noting social media content. The bottom is for special projects and To Dos. 

Using the Free Spirit VBKit Abstract washi and Mini rainbow washi, I outline the sections. I then attach a few of the 2x3 stickers from the VB Free Spirit sticker book, which are great for those projects, or writing out a production process. 

This is a perfect opportunity for the VBKit washi roll of word stickers. On the left page I used “Plan” and “Note”, and on the right page is “Focus” and “Buy”. They have a transparent background so I’m able to to see the colors behind the stickers. 

Going back to the top of the pages, I add the date stickers, a few box stickers, and the checklist stickers - all from the Free Spirit VB Sticker book.

I like to use the checklist stickers horizontally, as a way to create more separation between tasks. 

Next I wanted to use the lovely Free Spirit VBKit die cut deco washi stickers. These are great for adding visual interest and brings my focus to those must do’s. I added some to the VBKit transparent box page flags, as well as the super cute VB sticky note set.

I added a bit more Fun to my FUNctional weekly layout with more stickers from the Free Spirit VB Sticker Book along with more VBKit die cut deco & word washi stickers. Below is a closer look at the left side of the page.

Here is a closer look of the right side of the weekly layout.

One of the many reasons I love the VBKits is the versatility to be used in any of my planning styles. From the creative to the functional. The March Free Spirit VBKit is absolutely stunning! I especially loved layering in all the fabulous VBKit washi sticker words and deco to my week.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post this month! I hope you found some inspiration and creative ways to use the March Free Spirit VBKit. I look forward to seeing how everyone uses the kit in their planners!

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  • T.R.: May 03, 2021

    I can’t wait to get my new HP mini inserts. I am so doing this layout. Planner anticipation is so frustrating. :o) Happy mail can’t come soon enough.

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