VB Close Up: Meet the New VB Design Team Members

What is the VB Design Team?

The VB Design Team is made up of members from the VB Community who have a passion for creativity, love using VBKits & VB products, & enjoy sharing planner inspiration with others. The VB Design Team writes blogs each month featuring the current VBKit to showcase different ideas for using the kit contents, such as planner set ups, layouts, product close ups, & other fun projects.

Follow them on Instagram & check out the Planner Inspiration section of the shop to see all of the blogs we have available! You can even use the shop's search bar to filter for specific blog keywords, such as "digital" "layout" "dashboard" etc. 





Hola Amigos! My name is Aida Gatch. I was born and raised in Chicago, married for 27 years to an amazing ex-military man and we have 2 amazing daughters. If you've been a follower of mine you might be aware of my language oopsies via IG stories. My first language is Spanish and I am 100% Mexican now of course I speak english but my mind still thinks in Spanish so every now and then you'll hear my oopsies so be forewarned.

I started exploring my creativity through planning when I attended my first planner conference in Chicago, yes that is where I was introduced to the most amazing and talented Tiffany. Not only was I able to hear her inspirational story I had the honor to meet her and instantly fell in love with her crystal pens. I have to admit I do not believe in Planner Peace, I change styles as I feel inspired to. I love to be creative and adore the minimal classy look. So yes, I am currently in both styles of planning.

My goal when planning is to share my creativity, inspire, and help in any way possible. I don't mind answering any questions and I am always willing to help. I remember how scary it was and how many questions I had when I first started planning and I remember all the kind people willing to help and I just want to pass on the kindness. Lastly I am thankful and truly honored for this opportunity, Happy Planning VB family.




My name is Anie and I have been a planner since grade school (back when they would pass out planners for the school year). I discovered this lovely community a few years ago after I gave birth to my first born. I was trying to find myself again and this community helped me do that!

My planning style has changed over the past couple years. I started with an Erin Condren Life Planner, discovered the infamous Hobonichi weeks, tried out print pression weeks, made it through a Hobonichi cousin. And now I am in an A6 rings for everyday carry, mini HP for finances and health, a6 Hobonichi techo and archer and olive journal for junk journaling. I’ve also tried deco and minimalist styles. My current preference is vintage ephemera, lots of neutral shades, browns, layering upon layers, type of style. Which is why VBKits are my perfect fit. I have to say the papers, washi, and the sticker books are my fave items from the kits.

I can’t wait to share and discover new ways to use the VB products with you all! My goal is to merge bujo style and planning style together. Not just for traditional planning but also decorating in a junk journal, together we can keep our creativity flowing!




Hi everyone. I'm Keisha, also known as DrinkCoffee.MakeStuff on social media. I'm a teacher, a mom, and a wife. To satisfy my creative thirst, I drink lots of coffee and make lots of stuff. As a life-long crafter, I happened upon creative planning in 2017, and my excitement has not waned. My planner journey began with memory planning in a Big Happy Planner­­. Being a part of the scrapbooking community, I felt as if I had found my people! Today, in addition to using Happy Planners, I also use a classic discbound Notiq planner, a pocket-sized Notiq, and an A5 from Pretty Planner Co. I tend to keep specific planners for different areas of my life. 

Last year, I discovered Villabeautifful while completing research for the planner magazine I created for the community, Paper Planner Essentials. I took notice of the beautiful pens that planner babes were using in photographs of the spreads that they submitted for publication. I was HOOKED, and down the rabbit-hole I tumbled. I love all of the VB products, but my heart is with the pens. As a decorative planner, the pens are the perfect compliment to any planner spread. Not only are they gorgeous, but the quality is superb. Whether I'm focusing on using bright colors or soft, muted tones, I always have a VB pen to match.

It is an honor and privilege to serve on the VB Design Team for this term. I cannot wait to share my creations with all of you in this great community.




Hi everyone, my name is Laura! I am a credentialed medical coder specializing in radiology coding and have been for six years this June, I have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband who are my world.

I have always been a planner in some senses but only here & there on my phone, however, in 2019 my world was flipped upside down when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After struggling hard for several months I knew that I needed to do something to quiet the noise in my head and allow me to breathe from juggling so many appointments & medications, that is when I dove deep into the planning world on paper. As 2020 went on that need to plan increased even more when I got sent home to work remotely full time, both of my school aged daughters (11 & 9) began full time remote learning due to COVID19 and then in August 2020 my sweet husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – so for this Mama lots to keep track of!

My style is something that can’t just fit into one little box, I am a lover of so many styles and aesthetics that I can love full of bright color one day and the next more mute tones will be my go to but one thing my planner system will always be is functional because that is what I need - that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty though! I currently use a mini happy planner as my mini catch all that I take everywhere with me from the grocery store to every doctor appointment, I use my classic happy planner as my households catch-all where I keep track of my daughters schedules, bills, etc and then an A5 stalogy as my journal system where I brain dump everything and write down daily affirmations. I found VB through Instagram and purchased a couple items from the site just to “dip my toes in a wee bit to see how it is” and now here I am full fledged and complete lover of all things VB!

The Au Revoir kit will always hold a special little place in my heart as it was my first VB kit but I look forward to the surprises Tiff and the VB team has for the VB community this year, I know we are in for some amazing things! I have felt nothing but welcomed with positivity and love from this community and I plan on giving that back into the community ten fold, I can’t wait to see what these next couple of months brings! 🥰




Hi Everyone! My name is Stephanie and I’m a blood banker in a hospital by day and a creative planner by night. I currently live in the Midwest with my husband and when I’m not planning, we’re likely playing board games together or FaceTiming our niece and nephew.

Right now (and it may change by tomorrow), I’m a hybrid paper and digital planner. Digital planning is so flexible, especially when I’m on the go and can’t carry all my stickers with me, although that would be a sight to see! I’m currently using a digital planner I created myself. But I still can’t break away from some good classic paper and pen planning. There’s just something about the feel of that paper, sticking those stickers, and flipping the pages. I’m currently using an A5 dot-grid notebook. So when I discovered that the VillabeauTIFFul kits included both paper and digital items, I knew it was a perfect match for me.

I’m fairly new to the VB community and learned about it from a previous VB Design Team member, Gabe! I have loved every kit so far and I really like changing it up every month with different themes. I’m a big “after-the-pen” fan and love seeing a good completed page that’s been well loved and written all over. I can’t wait to share my creativity and love for VillabeauTIFFul products with you!


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