VB Close Up: Serenity Notebook Set Up
Hey Everyone!

VB Design Team member Taylor here! I’m currently planning my wedding for this September and I decided to use my Serenity VBKit blank notebook as a catch all! I was writing random to-do list’s, sticking receipts randomly, and jotting down ideas all over my planner and house and decided to put it all in one place. My planning style has evolved to more minimal - so the contents of this box were perfect! 

Here are the supplies I used:

- The notebook from the Serenity VBKit
- The VBKit minimal stickers & washi tape
- Adhesive pocket 
- Tombow markers (I prefer this set, I love the neutral colors)
The first page is my countdown page! I used the transparent sticky tabs to count down the days. To be honest, I don’t always do this every day but try to remember to do it every few days :) I actually used the insert card and cut out the snake plant because I have a super similar one in my office! 

The next page I used as a general brain dump on stuff I have to do. I actually saved 4-5 blank pages so I could continue my list. I try to keep them in categories, because I prefer to do this in groups. For example, next on my to-do list is to buy all of the gifts for my bridal party, my parents, etc. 

The next page is dedicated to my registry! I randomly think of things I want to put on my registry (for instance, this morning it randomly popped in my head that I wanted an infuser water pitcher!) So I keep this close so I can randomly jot it down and not forget. 
I used the llama sticky notes on a page to write down all of the phone calls I need to make, that way when I do make the call, I can simply pull off the sticky note. This makes it a little “neater” to me and I can add more post-it’s when I run out! 
The next page I used for receipts, like when I purchase something from a retail store. It really came in handy when I decided I wanted to switch out the bouquet holders and was able to easily pull out my TJ Maxx receipt! I try to do most receipts as emails, but this is perfect for the stores that don’t offer that. I have a couple of different pages dedicated for this with different sized adhesive pockets. 
Everyday I think of more spreads I can make using this journal! A few more I plan to add in the next coming days are:

-Hair (styles I want to try, different dates when I’m going to my hairdresser, instructions on how to take care of my hair leading up, shampoo to try, accessories to buy.)

-Cake/Dessert (I already picked out my cupcake flavors, but I can never remember when people ask! So it’ll be nice to put them all in one spot.)

-Swatches (this is the one I’m most excited about! There have been so many times when I’ve been out and wanted to buy something and wasn’t sure if it would match my color theme, so putting in a small swatch will be super helpful.)

Are there any other trackers y'all think I should put in for my wedding? Or anything I’m forgetting? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!!
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  • Nicole Turner: June 16, 2020

    congratulations…. you are getting married on my birthday! I thought you might want to add a seating chart

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