VB Close Up: Serenity Weeks Cover Set Up
Hi everyone!! 

Today I'm sharing a look at my Serenity set up featuring the Weeks cover from the May VBKit. I snapped lots of photos, but don't worry - I'll try to keep it quick! 
The cover has a pocket on the inside, so I slipped in a tiny notebook. It's from an old Target dollar spot & makes for a great place to jot down reminders. 

The first of the four elastics in the cover is holding the Serenity blank notebook. I am in love with this cover art & wanted it to be the first thing I see when I open the cover. I am still deciding what I want to use this for, maybe an art journal of some sort?
I used the Serenity Paper Pack to make insert covers for the two middle elastics in the cover. All the papers are double-sided so they make excellent covers, dividers, and dashboards! After I trimmed the paper to size, I had some left over so I stuck a few of the Serenity sticky notes onto a small piece of scrap paper. I used a little glue on the back of the sticky note (where there's already adhesive) to help hold it onto the paper. Then, I clipped it onto the insert cover. This way I can move it around as needed without having the bulk of the full sticky notepad.
I know that not everyone has or uses a Weeks sized planner. I find the size a little small for my personal planning style preference, but I think it's an amazing size for lists & notes. There are plenty of insert shops where you can find Weeks sized printables or printed booklets that will fit in this cover. I searched a bit on Google & found some free printables that were perfect for giving this size a trial run. 

I used a tab from the Serenity sticker book to mark this as my Lists section.
I printed the same insert twice so I could use the lined layout for lists & notes. I covered the Notes header with washi on the first insert, but left it on the second. I'm a big fan of making your planner work for you! 

For the Notes section of this set up, I made another insert cover using one of the Serenity vellums & added another tab. 
The last of the four elastics holds the kraft slim folder from the Serenity VBKit. While I loved the simplicity of it, I wanted to bring in more of the nature & minimal elements so I added some decoration using stamps, stickers, & washi from the VBKit & from my collection.
The left side of the folder has two pockets & there's an envelope on the right side, so there's plenty of space to keep your planning essentials.

In the left pockets, I stored a few VB sticker sheets from the VBKit & one of my favorite VB sticker sheets that matched this theme so well!
The envelope on the right side holds a small ruler & a washi card.The envelope has a string closure so you don't have to worry about anything sliding out. 

For the washi card, I used another piece of scrap paper from one of the insert covers I made. I folded it in half & used adhesive so the black & white pattern showed on both sides. Then, I rounded the corners & rolled some washi tapes onto it. Washi cards are a great way to keep your faves close by & eliminate the bulk of carrying multiple washi rolls. 
I slid the back cover of a PrintPression Weeks planner into the back pocket of the Serenity Weeks cover. I can easily remove it to plan inside of it & then slide it back in when I'm finished. 
I added a little more Serenity deco inside of the PP Weeks cover. The medium adhesive pocket from the VBKit fit right inside the cover! I have my pack of VB transparent page flags in there for now, but may also add in some die cuts. 
I trimmed down one of the Serenity sticky notes & added adhesive to the back so I could use it for deco. 

I added some washi & stickers on the bottom corner as well because my version of simplicity is a little more #extra LOL! 
The Serenity Weeks cover comes with an attached pen loop so yall already know my Serenity VBPen went right in!!
So that's my Serenity set up! My favorite part is that the majority of the items all came from the May VBKit. Supplies for a whole set up in one kit!! A lot of these elements will be able to be used with a bunch of different set ups too due to their minimal style & classic colors, which is another perk for me! I love being able to reuse items & keep my favorites in rotation whenever I want to freshen up my planner.

Thanks for reading & I hope to see your Serenity layouts & set ups on Insta & in the VB Facebook group! 
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  • Gloria: June 25, 2020

    Great idea using the paper pack to make the covers for the inserts!

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