VB Close Up: Sticker Release Insert Set Up
Hellooooo gorgeous VB community!

I hope that you are all doing well, here we are in October can you believe it!? I personally am beyond excited for this time of the year because we begin to move into the holiday seasons which is a time that I absolutely love. Decorating, crafting, and all things fall and winter is right up my alley. This Darkness VBKit is truly stunning and I can’t wait to use it throughout October creating my spreads and crafting with the kit items. 

Today I am going to show you how I set up the sticker release insert to fit my fancy. It's going to be something that I throw in my Notiq cover to bring along with me everywhere to make my life a little bit easier but I wanted to add things to it.

Items Needed:
Adhesive Pocket (I am using an older VB one from a previous VBKit)
Darkness Craft Paper Vellum 
Darkness washi
Darkness sticker book (I will be transferring stickers to this B6 book)
Darkness B6 sticker release insert 

Tools needed:
Paper Cutter 
VB tool set tweezers 
Alright let's begin! First things first I am going to start off with the easiest step in adhering the adhesive pocket to the left inside cover page. This is where I am going to place my Queens of Darkness stickers to have at my reach easily as well.  
Next I am going to cut some of the vellum to act as a page inside my B6 sticker insert. What I do is take my B6 sticker insert and place it on the vellum to trace it then use the paper cutter to cut out the size I am needing. 
Once I have the traced vellum paper cut out, I will open up the folded vellum to cut down the center and create two exact pieces of vellum.
Next I am going to take one of the pieces of vellum and place it inside the sticker insert. You will see exactly where I placed my adhesive pocket as well.
I then use a piece of washi to line the vellum to the sticker book to act as a decorative page. 
Like so! I do this exact step on the other side of the vellum as well, to better adhere the vellum to the sticker insert. 
Now I am going to use these tab stickers out of the Darkness kit sticker book to create sections in my B6 release sticker insert, just my way of staying a little more organized!
I take one of the tabs and place it towards the top of the first release page in the B6 release insert. I start off by placing one side down on the page and then folding the tab in half to adhere the other of the page to create the tab. 
And I repeat this process to add on the second tab to the insert, sectioning off where I want to start my next section. 
Here is a quick view of the sticker release insert opened and how it looks so far! 
I will now be using a Uni Pin Pen to write my sections on my tabs. I will be using these as “functional” and “deco” but you will see soon that I added a third tab. I will be labeling this “washi” because I want to try and place swatches of washi to the book to have my favorite washi on hand right along with my stickers. 
Now that I have my sections created, I am going to start placing stickers in my sections starting off with my functional section first. 
...and then adding stickers to my deco section!
Next up I'll be adding swatches of washi to my washi section.
From there continue to add stickers to your release page and even more sections if you choose! I know that I will absolutely love having these stickers and washi readily available no matter where I go since I will be placing it inside my Notiq cover along with my mini happy planner.

I hope this inspires you in some way to use and make your sticker release insert functional for you but also crafted and created by you!
Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful October! 
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