VB Close Up: With Love Before the Pen
Happy February VillaFolx!

For my VB Blog contribution this month, I wanted to show how I use VBKit items in my Classic Happy Planner. I will be balancing decorative and functional planning styles for this week, featuring the January With Love VBKit.
I pulled out the following items from the With Love VBKit:

Vellum from the paper pack
Sticker book
Sticker sheet
Transparent circle sticky notes

Planner supplies I used that aren't pictured:
Adhesive runner 
Rectangle box punch

The first thing I did was use my rectangle paper punch to create some rectangle boxes from the vellum in the paper pack. I punched 4 boxes from each sheet. I’ll use the rectangles I like best.
I decided on decorating in 3 areas because I think it’s pleasing to the eye but won’t be overwhelming. These clusters will be a mix of decorative and functional space. I used an adhesive runner to place the vellum pieces down.
For added visual interest, I layered some of the circle sticky notes and kit stickers on top of the vellum pieces. Any of the sticky notes would work but I love the size and color of the smallest sticky note.

Also, I have 3 bills due this week and used the pay bill stickers from the kit sticker book at the end of those days. 
I added a few more stickers to the week from the kit sticker book as well as created a sidebar checklist. I keep the most important tasks of the week written in my sidebar. 

The last thing I do is use the kit sticker sheet for extra embellishment throughout the spread. (The VBPen stickers are my fave on this sheet.)
And that’s my week ready for pen! I’ve got plenty of decorative elements as well as functional space. I also have space to add in more stickers throughout the week. 
Here are some close ups of my clusters, I just love them so much!
Thanks for checking out my blog post this month! I’m looking forward to seeing how you use the With Love VBKit as well. I’ll be looking in the VB Facebook Group and in the ShopVB tags on Instagram!
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  • Amanda M: March 09, 2021

    This is such a awesome idea! Thank you for sharing!

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