VB Tutorial: A5 Magical Journal Spread
Hello VB community! 

We are halfway through July already, I have no idea how that is possible! I have been loving seeing what everyone in this amazing community is creating with the June Written In The Stars VBKit. I wanted to share with you all one journal layout spread I created using the kit items including some of the digitals that you receive if you preorder a VBKit! 

Items needed:
Printed digital images you are wanting to use 
VB Written in the stars washi set
VB Written in the stars sticker book
VB Written in the stars days of the week washi sticker roll
VB Written in the stars deco washi sticker roll
VB Written in the stars vellum sheets 

Tools needed:
Craft tape
Circle stencil
Highlighters (I did grey and purple) 
The beauty about doing journal spreads is that you can change them and get as creative as you want. Since this kits theme is stars, moons and the sky I wanted to make a spread that included circles to resemble planets of some sort but you can switch this up as you please and just have fun with it!

I am going to decorate the left side with a layered collage feel and the right side of my journal will be where I am wanting to actually write. Within the circles I will be doing an affirmation a day. I printed off several VB digital images that I wanted to use for this journal spread. The celestial girl is stunning to me so that is what I want to be the focal point. I layered a pink rose with the vellum from the kit and the celestial girl. 
I love how it looks together so I tear down the vellum to the shape I am wanting. I prefer to rip it as opposed to cutting it with scissors because personally I love the less than perfect look that gives off a distressed look to me. 
Now that I have decided where I want to begin my spread, I use my crafters tape on the vellum and printed digital pink rose to adhere to my journal. 
This is my “base” of my spread that I will now layer other kit items on top of starting with the celestial girl and going from there. 
As you can see I used a full box deco sticker from the Written in the stars sticker book to layer behind the girl, another way to add more details and use up more of my beautiful kit items! 
After this I want to add in some washi (Tiffany’s designs on these are unreal and so beautiful, I have used quite a bit of it up already! LOL). If you follow me and have seen a bit of my “style” you will notice that I love to rip my washi, again I just love the distressed look that it gives. Once I lay down some washi I will be using the deco washi sticker roll to add some details here and there throughout the page. 
Since I have gotten quite a bit decorated on the left side I want to now work on the right side where I am going to use my stencil to make days of the week and write affirmations in. I will use a black pen to trace the circle and highlighters to go over the circles to add some dimension.

I place my “Monday” sticker from the Written in the stars days of the week washi sticker roll where I want to begin my page. Once I do this I am going to take my stencil and trace around the sticker. 
From here I just keep going with the days of the week!
Now that I have all the days of the week completed, I am going to go back through and trace the circles with my purple highlighter. For me I do not do these perfect, I love it having a little bit of a messy distressed look.
I did purple and grey traces then added more small deco details on the right side to fill up some of the empty spots. 
I added more washi and details to the left side to further fill up empty spots and that completes this week's affirmation journal spread! I am so in love with it - this month's kit was truly a masterpiece and I have enjoyed creating with it all! It makes me happy being able to use my VBKit items in my planners and journals alike.

Tag me on insta if this helped you begin to create your own journal spread. I would love to see your twists and creativity! 

Please be safe in all that you do and have a great rest of your July! 
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