VB Tutorial: B6 TN Folio Insert

Hi there Villapeeps!

I'm so excited to show you all what I made using this month's VBKit. I used the paper pack, plastic envelope, and washi. If you did not purchase the paper pack - no worries, feel free to use the printable papers for this project. (preferably printed on cardstock)

Materials Needed:

washi tape
laminator sheets or laminate pouches (available online or at Target) 
template for your planner insert size (I used the B6 insert sampler as a guide) 
exacto knife 
1 cardstock
1 cardstock paper from the VBKit
plastic envelope from the VBKit 
hole punch

Step 1
First pick a double sided paper or use the digitals to print patterns on both sides of a sheet of cardstock. I cut my paper down to B6 TN size to fit into the VB Clutch.

Next fold it in half. I laminated mine for durability but this part is optional. 
Step 2
Next I'm cutting up an old VBKit envelope, any one will do. I wasn't ready to cut the new one just yet so I used one from last year. Here we are going to cut the 2 circle closure parts from the envelope. I just cut them into squares. Doesn't need to be a specific size, your preference. 
Step 3
Next take a piece of cardstock - I used a sheet of black paper I already had in my stash. You will need a full length letter size paper.

Measure 2 inches from the top and fold the opposite side at the 2" mark. 
Step 4
After you have measured and folded, we are going to cut off the excess side. 
Step 5
Measure the flap side about 2" on each side and draw diagonal lines. Cut along those lines. 

By now you will have a folio type cutout on your cardstock.
Step 6  
Use your adhesive to glue only the two side edges closed, leaving the flap open so we can put some stickers in there.

Then line up where you want the circle closures to go & glue those down as well.

I used washi tape to cover the part I glued down, just so it looked more polished and fun.  
Step 7
Lastly glue the back of your cardstock folio envelope to the laminated cardstock we cut in the beginning.

I then used a hole punch to punch a cutout right where the strings on the TN will rub on the top & bottom center of the cardstock. 
There you have it! Your own folio to use with your VB Clutch, or planner size of your choice!
I hope you all enjoyed this easy but functional tutorial using the Beautiffy Your Planner 2.0 VBKit!

Thanks for reading!
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