VB Tutorial: Bookmark Dashboards

Hey everyone, it’s Heather here, and I’m so excited to write my first blog!  Today I’m sharing this project I made using the clear bookmarks from the January villabeauTIFFul kit.  When I first opened the VB Kit and I saw the bookmarks, I thought it was amazing we had three because I’m currently in three planners.  So, today, I am going to show you how to turn bookmarks into a dashboard to store washi and sticky notes in three different planners - an Erin Condren LifePlanner, an A6 ring planner, and a B6 ring planner. 

Alright.  Now, what you came here for! Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

The bookmarks that came in the kit, a hole punch if you’re using a ring planner, a coil clip if you’re using a coiled planner, and whatever washi and sticky notes you’re currently using.

Step 1:

Remove the protective plastic that came on the bookmark.  LOL but seriously, remove it, it’ll make your bookmark so much shinier!


Step 2:

This is where you will either use your hole punch to punch the bookmark matching the hole matchup from your size planner, you will attach the coil clip to use in your coil planner, or you skip this step altogether if you’re using a Hobonichi or a Traveler’s Notebook.

If you’re punching holes, be careful to punch the holes at a good spot on the bookmark that it will stick up out of the top of your planner.  

If you’re using a coil clip, I cut it and only used half because I want to be able to wrap washi around it to store in my planner for on the go decorating.  


Step 3:

Now’s the time to get creative!  Attach whatever washi or sticky notes (or I used the freebie from the VB Princess Pen release) you are currently using and want to have with you while you’re on the go!  I usually only attach a few sticky notes because I don’t like my planner to be super lumpy, but if you put it at the front, you could definitely attach a whole note pad.  

And you’re done!  All you have to do is use your new bookmark dashboards wherever you need some help flipping to in your planner!  I hope this blog helped spark some creativity for you with a little bit of functionality.  

Check out how I used the rest of my kit on my Instagram linked below and tag me in your photos to show me how you created bookmark dashboards!

xoxo #VBxHeather

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  • Rita Klosterman: February 19, 2020

    Hello, Will you be getting anymore of the clear acrylic bookmarks? They are soo adorable and I want some soo bad. LOL. Thank you!!

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