VB Tutorial: BYP 2.0 Digital Dashboards

If you are like me, then you love playing around with clipart and designing your own custom dashboards. I used the clipart from the VillabeauTIFFul August VBKit and made dashboards for my A5 planner.

What you will need:
VBKit digital papers & clipart
Canva (free account)
Hole Punch
Color printer

Step 1:
Open Canva and create a new design, sizing it to fit your planner. With my A5, I sized these dashboards to be 5.8" x 8.3". 

Step 2:
Upload the digital clipart and patterns from the August VBKit.

Step 3:
Find inspiration. Look on Instagram or even Pinterest for planner dashboard ideas. You can also use the full boxes from the sticker kit for inspiration. 

Step 4:
Change the background. One of my FAVORITE features on Canva is the ability to change the background color, but not just any background color. Canva generates background colors for you based on the clipart and patterns you uploaded, so now there is no more guessing if the colors match or if the shades are off. ALL THE SHADES ARE SPOT ON!
Step 5:
Keep designing! Get creative or find more inspiration! For my inspiration, I used #officegoals!
Step 6: 
Time to Print. Click “Download” and change “PNG” to “PDF Print.”

Step 7: 
I used my favorite cardstock from Amazon to print my dashboards.
Step 8:
Trim them down. If your dashboard has a colorful background, then you can cut around the edges, but if not, you can click “crop marks and bleeds” on the Canva download screen after you change PNG to PDF. 
Step 9:
Hole Punch and add to your planner!
Step 10:
Take a picture and tag @shopvillabeauTIFFul on Instagram!

Thanks for reading!! 
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