VB Tutorial: Custom Pen Holder
Hey y’all! 

I wanted to share a quick and easy way to create a custom pen holder using the digitals featuring “VB Studio." 

So we have already learned how to personalize, save, and download our VB digitals.

Well, what now? 
Let’s use them! 

All you need for this project is: 
• Clear label sticker paper
• Wide glass jar 
• Scissors
Print out the beautiful image you personalized onto the clear label sticker paper.
Once printed, cut the clear label sticker paper to your desired size.
Place sticker paper on jar carefully,
And BAM!! You have a beautiful custom pen holder in a snap.
Thanks for reading!
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  • Twylla : September 06, 2019

    Such a great idea! So cute! Thanks for sharing! 😊💙

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