VB Tutorial: Custom Sticky Notes

Hey guys, Taylor here! 

I’ve been obsessed with everything minimalism lately, and especially sticky notes! I thought it would be really fun to create custom sticky notes with the digitals from this month's VB Kit. 

Materials you’ll need are:
  • Sticky notes (I use these!)

  • Printer 

  • Regular copy paper

  • Optional: Silhouette Studio, Indesign


To get started, I went online and found a free custom sticky note template. Here is one option and here’s another option! Find whatever works best for you. I created a custom silhouette file so I could save it and re-use as necessary, below are the dimensions I used.

I printed out the template with the box outline so I would know where to print the vellum sticky notes. Any color sticky note would work really, but lighter colors would work best.

I downloaded the digital clipart we received with the VB Kit and I placed it where I wanted it to go on the sticky note. I tried to get creative so I could use the sticky notes for different purposes!

After that, I put the template with the sticky notes back into the printer. Make sure to print it so that the sticky side of the sticky notes go in first, otherwise they might get stuck in the printer! 

And voila, that’s it! It’s a super simple craft that really spices up an otherwise boring sticky note! I like to place mine on my dashboards in my planner for easy access.

And that’s it! Now you have beautiful custom sticky notes.

Thanks for reading!
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  • Gloria: January 16, 2023

    This was so helpful! I’m going to order the pack of sticky notes then give this a test run lol Thanks

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