VB Tutorial: Deco Shaker Dashboard

Hey Everyone! VB Design Team member Taylor here! Today I’m going to show you how to make a deco shaker dashboard! I like to put mine in my pockets so they don’t add too much bulk to the rings.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

Acetate or Transparency film (I use this one from Amazon)
Washi Tape (I prefer the 10mm)
Journaling Card
Sequins (Any kind work, but these match the colors from this month's kit perfectly!)
Paper Trimmer 
Scotch Tape 

Step 1: Cut down your acetate or transparency film. Make the measurements .25 bigger than they need to be. So if you use the 4x6 journaling card, cut down the transparency film to 4.25x6.25. You’ll need two of these. 

Optional Step 2: Tape down the back of the journaling card to one of the sheets of acetate. This helps so it doesn’t move around when shaking. 

Step 3: With the journaling card layered between the two sheets of acetate, use the washi to tape three sides close (I did one long side and both short sides, leaving one of the long sides open. I lined up the edge of the washi to the edge of the journaling card. 

Step 4: Using the open side, put in sequins. I did 2-3 pinches of 5 different colors (matching the card!). Use your judgement, if you want a lot of sequins add a lot! If you don’t want a lot, only do a small amount.

Step 5: When you’re done adding in sequins, use the same washi method to shut the fourth side. Trim the extra washi from the ends. 

And now you’re done! You have a super cute shaker dashboard that looks perfect in a pocket, or as a dashboard. 

Thanks for reading!

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