VB Tutorial: DIY Full Box Stickers

Hello VillaFolx!

I have been exploring sticker creation with VBKit digitals. One thing I love using in all my planners are full box stickers with writing space in them. I am going to show you how I use the Cricut Design Space rectangle shape along with digital pattern paper and clipart from the Beautiffy Your Planner 2.0 VBKit to create these full boxes.

For this tutorial I am assuming that you know how to upload your digital images to the software and that you know how to print and cut. This will keep the focus on creating the stickers.

Step One
Create a new project. Add in a patterned paper from the VBKit digital folder and resize it. I like to resize the width to 5 inches.

Step Two
We’re going to create our full box shape. Select the shapes tool and add a square. While the square is selected, select edit, click on the lock and adjust the size to be a full box rectangle.

The approximate measurements for a HP full box are 1.5 inches wide by 2.25 inches tall and the approximate measurements for an EC full box are 1.5 inches wide by 1.9 inches tall. 
Step Three
We’re using a rectangle to slice out a piece of the pattern paper. This will be our background border for our sticker. Place the rectangle on a part of the pattern paper you would like. Select the pattern paper and shape, click on the actions tool and click slice

The rectangle will slice out that portion of the pattern. Repeat this step to make as many background borders as you need.

When you’re done, delete the leftover background piece.
Step Four
We’re going to create the white space for the full box stickers. I like to arrange my background boxes in a row before I start.

Select the shapes tool and add a square. While the square is selected, select edit, click on the lock and adjust the size to be smaller than the full box. (See Step Two)

I like to have 0.1 inch space from the edge of the background sticker to the start of the white space. Since I need that space on the top and bottom as well as the left and right, I will subtract that number twice from the width and the length. My white space will measure 1.3 inches wide by 2.05 inches tall. If you’re creating EC full box stickers, the measurements would be 1.3 inches wide by 1.7 inches tall.
Step Five
Place your white space box over your full pattern box. The software will guide you in centering the sticker with even spacing all around. You will see this when the yellow lines pop up guiding you.
If they do not pop up, have your full box and white space box selected, then select edit, select align and select center. This puts the white space box in the center of the full box.
Step Six
Add in clipart images from the VBKit digital folder using the image tool. Resize, rotate (if needed), and place the clipart on top of a box.
Step Seven 
Working with each sticker individually, select the full box, white space, and clip art. Select the actions tool and click on flatten. Flatten takes the three pieces and turns it into one piece. If this step is skipped, the software will print and cut each piece individually. 

Repeat steps six and seven till all of your boxes are done.
Step Eight
Now you’re ready to print, cut, and use your new stickers.
If you try this out, make sure to tag @shopvillabeauTIFFul and @plan_with_gabe! I’d love to see how your stickers turned out.

Xo Gabe
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