VB Tutorial: DIY VB Planner Inbox
Hey VillaBabes and VillaDudes,

Today I am going to show you how I made my Free Spirit Inbox. You can do this project with Vellum Cardstock and even printable acetate.

You will need:

Canva ( the basic edition is ok to use)
Vellum or Cardstock etc.
VB Digitals (optional)
VB Sticky notes
VB Page Flags
Paper trimmer
Hole punch

First, open Canva.
On the top right, click “Create New Design.”

Then, at the bottom of that option pop up, click “Custom Size.”
Enter the size of your planner. Today I will be creating one for my A5, so I will enter the measurement (in inches).
A new page will open with your document. On this page, feel free to title your project.
Now, we will add our VB Free Spirit pattern to the project. The easiest way is to drag and drop the pattern you like, from the folder (with your VB Pattern) into the project window. 

Another way is to upload the file into Canva, then double click to add it to the project page. 
Once you add the pattern, it will look like this:
Now resize the image so that it fills the page, using the corner handle.
Next up is to add your text via the text tab on the left hand side. This tab has a lot of different fun and cute styles you can use. 

I am going to scroll down and use the “Wild Sale” font bundle.
Click the font of your choosing and edit your text.

Once you edit the text, you can change the color, resize, and place it wherever you like on the page. 
At this time, feel free to add the VBKit digital clipart. Again, you can drag and drop, or upload and then insert into the project.
Once done, click “Download” at the top right, then choose “PDF Print.” Then click download.
Once downloaded, open the file in Adobe Acrobat.
Now, go to “File” then “Print” and print the project on your selected printer and medium.
Once printed, cut out the white space.
Now hole punch and add to your planner. 
If you printed on card stock, feel free to laminate so that it can double as a “Wet Erase Board".

If you printed on vellum, you can add a piece of cardstock to the back to bring the color out, and/or also add a piece of acetate to the front to write with a dry erase marker.
Now you have an Inbox dashboard where you can add and use your VB Sticky Notes and Page Flags like below.
Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoy this DIY! Until next time!
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  • T.R.: May 03, 2021

    I’m not sure what an “Inbox” is, though I have seen it around, but this was really nice. I’m tempted.

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