VB Tutorial: Envelope Shaker Dashboard
Hi VillaBabes! I have another fun project for you today! I’ll be showing you how to use the envelope the monthly VBKit comes in to make a shaker dashboard for your planner.

VB Shine Bright kit
VBKit envelope
Paper Trimmer
Packaging tape
Exacto knife
VB Die cuts
VBPen loop

Start by pulling apart the VB envelope. The sides of the envelope can be pulled apart to open up and flatten out. Once you have it flat, use the paper trimmer to cut three pieces to your desired planner size. I cut two of the pattern print and one clear. I am currently in a personal rings planner and I can easily get three 3.75 in x 6.75 in pieces out of the cover. Those that are in a bigger planner may only be able to get two pieces, but that is ok, it will still work for this project.

Once all three pieces are cut, take one of the three pieces - in this case I chose one of the pattern prints - and cut off ¼ of an inch on the top (shorter end), you’ll see why later.
Now it is time to start putting it together, yay! I stacked all three pieces together with the clear piece in the middle. Use a clip to secure all three pieces together and run a strip of packing tape along the bottom of your stack.

Only put half of the packaging tape along the bottom, see picture below. Once you have done that, fold the excess piece of tape to the back and secure it. That now closes the bottom of the dashboard.

Take a pair of scissors or an exacto knife and cut the excess tape hanging off the sides. Continue doing this to the other two sides, leaving the top open.

Now it is time to add the VB die cuts and sequins.

After adding the VB die cuts and sequins, take another strip of packaging tape and close off the top.

At this point, you can choose to shake it up and put it in your planner, but remember when we cut one side a bit shorter - this is where that comes into play. With a ruler and a blade, break that seal that was done with the packaging tape, but make sure to be careful and not cut through the whole shaker, you only want to cut through the packaging tape.


By adding that third layer on the dashboard, it gives you the option to add a piece of paper in between and change the look of your dashboard as you change your deco in your planner.

At this point, the shaker dashboard is complete and it is time to decorate or leave as is. I added a VBPen loop to the front of it, but I didn’t want to add too much because I wanted the VB die cuts and sequins to be the star of the show.

On the back of the dashboard, I put some VB sticky notes, added a clear adhesive pocket, and added more of the VB die cuts and a washi card. I finished it off by adding a VB paper clip.

I hope you enjoyed this project and if you try it, please post it in the VB Facebook group and tag me, I’d love to see!

Thanks for reading!

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