VB Tutorial: Fashionista Table Mat

Hey Everyone!

It’s Brooklyn from A Planned Design! Today I will be sharing my very first digital project with you. I will be showing you how to make a table top mat for your desk!

Ok first, the materials you will need:

11" x 17" printable cardstock 
Printer (that can print up to 11" x 17")
11" x 17" Laminate Sheets
Laminator or Minc Machine 
Scissors or Cutting machine
VBKit Digitals
VBKit Clipart (if you want)

Step 1: Open up the folder where you downloaded your July VBKit digitals.

Step 2: Choose your VB pattern(s). I chose two patterns so that the mat could be double sided. Print them out onto the card stock, adjusting the size to 11" x 17". With my printer, I am able to print borderless.

If you don't have access to a printer or your printer cannot print up to 11" x 17", you can have them printed at your local Staples or OfficeDepot.
Step 3: Choose your clipart for deco (if you would like). I chose “Books with shoes” and “Roses bunch.”

Print the clipart out to the size you desire to fit onto your mat and cut them out. I will be using my Silhouette for cutting, however you can also hand cut with scissors.
Step 4: Adhere your clipart to your pattern so that it doesn't move during lamination.
Step 5: Place your completed pattern(s) into the laminate sheet and run it through your laminator or minc machine.

If you do not have a laminator, do not be discouraged! You can take your completed pattern to your local Staples or OfficeDepot. 
Step 6: And you are all done! Feel free to round the corners if necessary to avoid sharp edges.
You can use this mat for crafting (to keep your desk free of adhesive or marking) or for your VB photos.
Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to seeing your desk mats!

Warm Regards
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