VB Tutorial: Foiling VB Digitals with No Heat

Hey VillaBabes and VillaDudes!

Today I will be showing you how to add foil to your VB Clipart and Digital paper, WITHOUT a foiling machine. 

What you will need:
Your choice of Clip art or Digital Paper
Glue Pen (I prefer Sakura Quickie Glue or ZIG Two Way Glue)
Foil Sheets (Minc Foil)
Scissors or cutting machine (if cutting your clip art)

Step 1
First print your digital paper or clip art on card stock. I will be printing the clip art (pictured below) on 110 lb paper. 

Step 2
Cut out your shapes.
Step 3
Apply the glue to the desired areas you would like to foil and wait until tacky (around 10-20 mins).

I will be using the Quickie Glue Pen for the couch and the ZIG 2 Way for the fireplace.

Some of the glue pens will turn clear when dried/tacky. Be sure to go very slow (especially when drawing lines) and try to get a good flow going or the foil won’t stick.
Step 4
Once the glue is nice and tacky, lay your foil (foil color facing up) on top of the dried glue design and rub your finger all around to make sure the foil sticks.

Be sure to take your time and get the entire design.
Step 5
Now slowly peel back your foil and voila! You have added foil to your project!

*If the foil doesn’t peel easily, lay it back down and try rubbing the foil a bit more so that it will stick better. 

It may not be as clean as using a laser printer and minc machine, but it works great for little projects.
Thanks for reading & I hope you all enjoyed this quick DIY! Can’t wait to see your projects in the group!
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