VB Tutorial: Good Times Journal Set Up

Hey ya’ll, hey! This “Good Times” VBKit is so happy, pretty, and super fun. Our planners get so much love, with pretty papers, washi and stickers; let’s share some of that love with our journals. This tutorial will show you how to make your own cute set-up in the journal of your choice. I used a B6 Traveler’s Notebook.

For this pretty project you’ll need:


       “Good Times” VBKit Supplies

       The paper pack (I picked my three favorite patterns)

       4x 6 journaling card

       Mini journaling cards

       Sticker book

       Washi tape

       List pad 

       Planner clips


       Additional items 

       Paper trimmer 


       Hole punch


       Double stick tape (any adhesive will work)

       TN insert 

Once you select your papers, trim them to fit your journal insert. The cardstock in the paper pack is double sided, making this project super cute from both sides.

Note: Hold on to the paper scraps, as they will be used to add fun and function to your journal a little later.
Next, take one sheet of trimmed cardstock, using the natural fold as a guide, fold the cardstock into the natural fold and then fold it again, giving you a double fold. Place this to the side and grab your TN insert. 
Open your insert and layer the kit washi tapes at the bottom of the page. Use a washi card or scissors to trim excess washi. Layering the washi adds texture and color to your page.
Gather your paper scraps from the trimmed cardstock paper. Trim a rectangle size piece to layer above the washi. Using double sided tape, add the tape to the sides and to the bottom of the cardstock, leaving the center open, creating a pocket. This gives you a functional mini pocket to hold the kit planner clips, a journaling card, list pad, and an optional bookmark. 
The list pad can be trimmed to fit inside the mini pocket you just made. Using a paper trimmer, cut about 3-4 sheets of the list pad, so you’re left with the lines and typewriter (not pictured) being two separate sections. Add the top portion of the list pad to your newly made mini pocket.

Add another scrap piece of paper to the top portion of your insert, to add more texture; and you can finish off the left corner with a cute sticker. 
Next, let's make a cute washi bookmark! Using a different pattern of cardstock, trim a 5 ½ by 2 ¾ inch piece to make a washi bookmark (optional) to add to your mini pocket. Punch a hole at the top, add ribbon, and you have a super cute and easy bookmark for your journal. Use it to hold your page; you can also use it to be a guide, to line up your writing, if using an unlined or grid insert. 
Now grab the cardstock you folded earlier, using double sided tape, attach it to the inside cover of your insert, add a mini journaling card to the cover fold, then open the fold, add another mini journaling card. 
On the inside add the last mini journaling card. Using the mini weeks sticker sheet in the sticker book, add the square boxes vertically, spell out APRIL, using a marker or pen of your choice. Then add a couple full box stickers, which you can use to write your goals, affirmations, or your focus for the month.
Add a couple cute stickers to the left side of the fold and you have a pretty and functional space in your journal. 
All things working together, add all your created components to your mini pocket. Now you have a Fun & Functional journal set-up!
Quick Extra Project: 

This is an optional quick journal page set-up to get you started on the inside of your first journal page for the month. Using your scraps of cardstock, trim to fit your insert, use double sided tape, add washi, make a vertical fold, where you can add photos, write a letter to yourself, a journal entry, etc.

Decorate the left side with cardstock (attach with double stick tape), add a couple of the clipboard full box stickers from the sticker book, use them for brain dumping, goals, plans, etc. Have fun with it. 

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay well and be inspired to use your kit in fun and creative ways. See ya’ll next time!
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