VB Tutorial: La Isla Custom Divider
Hi everyone!

Today I'm sharing a super easy digital tutorial for creating a custom divider for your planner using the La Isla VBKit digitals. VBKit digitals are only available with preorders & may not be purchased separately. 

For this project, I'm using the free Silhouette software. The best thing about it is that you don't need the Silhouette cutting machine to use it. It can be used all on it's own for designing and laying out projects, as long as you don't mind a bit of fussy-cutting!

First things first, download & open the Silhouette app & your kit digitals.
Using the toolbar on the left side of the screen, create a rectangle - which will be the base of your divider design.
The toolbar on the right side of the screen has a Transform tool that can be used to resize your rectangle. I'm making my divider set for A6 Rings, so I sized the rectangle to 4.1 x 5.8 inches.
Next, select a pattern from the digitals to be the backdrop of your divider. Simply drag the image from your download folder to the Silhouette screen, inside of the rectangle. It should auto-fill for you. 
The right side toolbar also has a Line Style tool so you can remove that red border line. You can use the eye dropper to change it to a coordinating color border or you can remove the line altogether if you want.
Using the Fill tool on the right side toolbar, you can adjust the transparency of the background pattern. This is helpful for bold patterns where you have clip art or text you also want to add on top.
Pick your favorite clip art designs & drag & drop them to the Silhouette screen. I like to bring a few options over to play around with designing. If you decide you don't want to use any that you've already put on the screen, simply select the image & press delete.

Be sure not to drop the images in the rectangle, or they could replace the background pattern. 
The images will appear very large at first, so just use the resize buttons around the edge to bring it to your desired size.
On the top toolbar, under Object, you will find the Align option. I use this to make sure everything I want centered is actually centered! Select the rectangle first to align it, then the clip art that you want centered. 

If you want your clip art off-center instead, just drag & place wherever you like it!
Now this would make a great dashboard all by itself, but I want to make a divider set so I'm going to continue working with this design. 
Next up, I'm going to use the left side toolbar Text option to add a label to my divider.
This is where I'm going to put all the titles for my dividers - this one will be for Self Care. You could also do a monogram, name, phrase, word... the sky is the limit!

Don't be alarmed at how it appears when you first type it. We'll be fixing that next!
This time, use the Text tool on the right side toolbar. This is where you can change the font & a few other text settings. 

I like to use free-for-personal-use fonts from dafont.com but there are lots of options online where you can find something you like!
Now open up the Line & the Fill tools from the right side toolbar. You can adjust these options just the same as the background image earlier.
You can also drag & drop a pattern into the text lines to fill them with a design! This is probably better suited for solid color backgrounds or larger text, so it's easier to see, but it is a fun feature so I wanted to mention it! 
I kept it simple with a dark, solid fill & line so that it will stand out & can be easily read.
You can also choose a clip art design to feature as a really cute tab! I used one of the shell designs - 1) because it matched really well! 2) because it should be really easy to trim around by hand!

If you want to make a full set of dividers, you can group all the items together, duplicate onto another page, move the tab down, & then edit the patterns/labels/clip art as needed! 

Or you can stop at one, throw an adhesive pocket on the back, & have one pretty page marker!
Once you're done with your designing, it's time to print! For dividers, I like to use a heavy cardstock. Vellum & acetate are also great for dashboards! So choose your paper, print, & then trim around the design. Laminate to keep it sturdy, trim again, & then punch for your planner! 

Unfortunately, I'm waiting on some new printer ink to arrive so I can't show off the finished project just yet, but I will share photos as soon as I can in the Villabeautifful Community Facebook group. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial & I'd love to see your digital creations using the VBKit digitals!

Thanks for reading!
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